Microsoft Offers Cloud Management License with On-Premises Tools

A comprehensive on-premises system center tools combined in the cloud management license to provide greater customer value to the clients.

Microsoft license The on-premises system center tools and the cloud operations management can be purchased in a single license agreement. It was announced by Microsoft, the US based software giant through its official website.

According to this official statement, this new service is being offered to encourage the use of public cloud and manage the hybrid cloud more effectively in the cloud environment. This will create a great value for the customers across all domains of businesses. The operations management suite (OMS) is a comprehensive SaaS service platform to manage diverse infrastructures, such as on-premises, physical infrastructure, windows based systems, Linux based platforms, AWS public cloud, MS Azure cloud platform and others.

The product manager of the Systems Center & Services, Mr. Jeremy Winter said, in his official statement, “As customers look to be more agile and efficient, they’re exploring how they can leverage the cloud. Organizations are straddling both on-premises infrastructure management and cloud resources.”

He further added, “There’s no longer a single set of management technology inside a company, they’re really using multiple tools.”

Many experts believe that the software giant is trying to focus the companies, like Jumpstart Inc, which has a diverse infrastructure based on both the cloud computing platforms and on-premises equipment.

While talking about this new move of Microsoft, Michael Boldezar, who is CTO at Jumpstart and has already worked with Microsoft Corporation has said, “We used Systems Center for all our monitoring needs before the gaming company transitioned to the cloud. While we find the Systems Center monitoring tools to be thorough. The real expertise in that software is a must. When Jumpstart began using cloud services, it started using tools from New Relic that worked well but were more expensive than OMS”.

He further said, “Jumpstart now uses OMS to monitor its Azure and AWS clouds, plus its on-premises resources. If one of the apps has slow response time, OMS can help find anomalies in infrastructure performance, and then will work to troubleshoot it by reallocating resources as needed. We’re a small, fast-moving company and OMS gives us that flexibility.”

Similarly, many other experts in the industry also believe that this move of Microsoft is going to leave a long term impact on the cloud management services across the industries in the future.

Cisco Announces the Plan to Acquire CliQr Cloud Application Management

The CliQr is an application management solution provider that will increase the capability of Cisco to automate and manage applications throughout the hybrid cloud environment with simplified technologies.

cisco  Cisco announced its aim to acquire the CliQr Technologies Inc., which is a California based startup. CliQr provides an application defined cloud orchestration stage to model, organize and run applications crossways uncovered metal, virtualized and container environments. This purchase will help Cisco clients to shorten and fast setup their public, private and hybrid cloud operations.

“Customers today have to manage a massive number of complex and different applications across many clouds,” said Rob Salvagno, vice president, Cisco Corporate Development, in a statement. “With CliQr, Cisco will be able to help our customers realize the promise of the cloud and easily manage the lifecycle of their applications on any hybrid cloud environment.”

The agreement that is probable to close in Quarter 3 of this year, after that the CliQr team will turn into a part of Cisco’s Insieme business unit reporting to Prem Jain. CliQr was previously working with Cisco, with the company’s solutions incorporated transversely a number of Cisco’s data center switching and cloud solutions.

Cisco had previously integrated CliQr with its Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Unified Computing systems (UCS) prior to acquirement, in an offer to advance the progress of applications between on premise and cloud environments. The company has achieved that and now its aim is to integrate CliQr across its data center portfolio, enlarging the ‘orchestration of services’ to wrap eventualities such as bare metal computing, containerized systems and all the various types of virtualization.

“Moving forward, Cisco will continue to integrate CliQr across Cisco’s data center portfolio. Together, CliQr and Cisco will make it simpler for customers to automate and manage application policies across the entire data center stack. CliQr already integrates with Cisco ACI to enable application portability for on-premise and cloud environments” said Rob.

The CliQr make the management simple, by giving clients a solitary system for organizing the application lifecycle across hybrid IT environments. Cisco claims that the system is spontaneous and can make easy the most difficult systems. As, computing is becoming a hybrid of conventional on premise IT and services managed in the cloud, many CIOs and network managers have been left at the back by the new difficulty and incompetence and obstructions have emerged, which Cisco asserts, it can flat out now.

Web Hosting Company is Adding New Affiliate Marketing Opportunities to Reward Referrals

Web Hosting Company announces new affiliate marketing program to reward referrals like bloggers and webmasters to increase their income by promoting a very quality service with affordable prices.

Web Hosting Company announces new affiliate marketing program to reward referrals like bloggers and webmasters to increase their income by promoting a very quality service with affordable prices.

Web Hosting Company Adding Affiliate Marketing
Web Hosting Company Adding Affiliate Marketing on Jan. 07, 2013: Web Hosting Company announcing new affiliate marketing plans to offer highly competitive commissions so that a lot of the web hosting customers can get profit by referring the web hosting services to new customers.

The hosting service provided by is both affordable and reliable; it’s designed for everyone from individuals to small or medium enterprises. Basic web hosting packages with are competitively priced and not lacking in features. At around$3 per month, the “Beginner” level provides 10GB of disk space, 2 unique websites, 10 email accounts and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The high-end, “Ultimate” package offers unlimited websites, emails and storage for about $12 per month. All web hosting packages feature cPanel – a graphical user interface that allows for easy, convenient management of websites and services. In addition, makes available the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache to all customers, regardless of package. also caters to specialized hosting needs. The company has the software expertise to offer fast, reliable hosting for WordPress, Magento and Drupal, as well as the content management system Joomla! As with standard web hosting, the company promises exceptional uptime, continuous support and a reasonable pricing structure. Technical support (or lack thereof) is frequently a make-or-break issue with web hosting providers. Downtime at the wrong time will have customers jumping ship in droves. To allay those concerns, offers 24/7/365 support via phone or live chat.

To maintain its capacity for storage and data transfer, operates a Tier IV data center in the midlands of England. The center features redundant systems; therefore, power outages or equipment failures are virtually a non-issue. A stack of Dell servers provides blazing fast network speeds, as well as plenty of storage on multiple hard drives. The company’s significant hardware investment enables them to promise security and reliability that is second to none.

“We understand that choosing a web hosting service is one of the most business-critical decisions for any website,” says’s Frederick Schiwek . “In today’s market, it’s tough to sort out the contenders from the pretenders. At, we’ve committed to putting quality ahead of profit. That’s part of the reason we’re so excited about the new affiliate program. When people see what our service is all about, they will be happy to recommend us to their friends and colleagues.”

Although based in the United Kingdom, offers its services to users across the globe. The company’s high-capacity data network and top-shelf web hosting technology make geography all but irrelevant. The affiliate marketing program is merely the first step in’s concerted effort to develop a robust business operation. Future plans include the launch of customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO), among other services.