Amdocs Lunches Cloud-Fusion in Collaboration with Microsoft

The collaboration will benefit the service providers by opening new revenue streams and the SMEs and Large enterprises will be able to get enhanced and secure public cloud services.  Amdocs that is the leading provider of client experience solutions, announces a new solution called Amdocs Cloud-Fusion in collaboration with Microsoft. The solution will enable service providers to offer connectivity and more protected cloud applications for ventures and small and medium sized businesses. It enables improved cloud service assistance such as first-class bandwidth, wide area network optimization, and dedicated service level agreements.

According to Amdocs, the Amdocs Cloud-Fusion will facilitate the development of cloud service offerings in many ways and the service provider will get more revenue streams. This solution combines Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure and Amdocs NFV ready Network Cloud Service Orchestrator that also provide it the capability to plan and bring VNFs from any network vendor.

The combination of two will allow admittance to Azure’s business services and third-party Microsoft Azure Marketplace solutions. The Cloud-Fusion platform is planned to offer unified management, monitoring, orchestration and assurance, enabling service providers to automate fulfillment and operations of cloud-based services. The expected result is to advance client experience.

“Today 17 percent of all businesses each have more than 1,000 virtual machines supporting a range of business-critical applications that reside in the public cloud1, up from 13 percent in 2015. With Amdocs Cloud-Fusion, businesses can now access these services in a more secure and assured manner with enhanced network options that also improve quality of experience,” said Ann Hatchell, head of network marketing at Amdocs.

With this solution the service providers can offer a one stop shop for differentiated hybrid cloud services with service guarantees for enterprise customers, and streamline end-to-end service management across telecom sector and public cloud environments, thereby improving service agility and reducing complexity.

Together with Amdocs, we are enabling service providers to introduce attractive new cloud-related offerings through the Cloud-Fusion self-service portal, and seize revenue that typically would go directly to over-the-top players. This elevates the service provider’s position within the value chain,” said Bob De Haven, general manager, Worldwide Communications & Media at Microsoft.

The solution will enable the Service providers to capture fresh profits streams from their business sector customer base by adding cloud services and providing access to Microsoft Azure’s value-added business services and Azure Marketplace’s solutions through secure service provider networks.

AWS Launched the General Availability of Amazon WorkMail

After one year of consideration the AWS has included the Exchange migration tool in the Amazon WorkMail to encourage the customers of Microsoft with a price of $4 per month per user.

amazon  AWS announces the availability of Amazon WorkMail for the general public after one year of its preview. This service is planned to work with all the existing desktop computers and mobile clients. WorkMail has been reinforced since it comes out in preview form. Now it is offering new services like greater safety, ease of use and the migration.

The new service has a stress on mobility features which will allow the user with location control. The user will be able to implement rules and actions for controlling portable devices, beside the usual security features such as encryption of accumulated data, message scanning for preventing any spam and virus protection.

“We are working on interoperability support that will allow users of Amazon WorkMail to benefit from a single Global Address Book, and to access free/busy calendar information across both environments. I’ll have more information on this feature in the near future.

We are also working on an email journaling feature. This feature will allow you to use your existing email archiving system to capture and preserve all Amazon WorkMail communication” wrote Jeff bar in the official blog of AWS.

The Amazon WorkMail will support all clients which are running the OS X, including Apple Mail and Outlook. It will also support other clients using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol, including iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10. “You can use the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to create and manage the keys that are used to encrypt data at rest. You can choose the region where you want to store your mailboxes and be confident that the stored data will not leave the region” he said.

The service which cost $4 per user per month has an allocated space of 50GB, this storage service and will be run from the US data centers of AWS in Northern Virginia and Oregon, For European customers a single data center in Eire will work.

By using Amazon WorkMail in combination with easy AD, you will be up and running with a few clicks, usually in fewer than 10 minutes. Users of the service will be able now to create and book resources such as meeting rooms and equipment. Amazon WorkMail has achieved the ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 certifications. A 30-day free trial for up to 25 users is also available.

IDG Contributor Network: Tidemark goes verticals, machine learning and benchmarking

Tidemark delivers enterprise performance management (EPM) software. What that esoteric acronym means is that Tidemark helps organizations take internal data they already have and use it to plan the future steps they will take, but also to assess the historical performance of their organization. Tidemark was founded only a few short years ago (in 2009, to be precise) but has already raised close to $ 120 million from a host of investors over multiple rounds. Tidemark is a good example of a new breed of cloud vendor, those that were born into a world already comfortable with cloud-based enterprise tools such as Salesforce and NetSuite. Because of this fact, Tidemark hasn’t had to invent a category; rather it has the somewhat easier job of delivering an existing product category but in new and beneficial ways.

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