Wovenware Inc, Joins Microsoft Azure for Cloud Solutions

Wovenware will use Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform to build complex smart applications and high value custom application solutions.

wovenware_GreatResponder.com Wovenware is a software producer company. Wovenware products are smart software solution that helps their customers to solve the mission critical jobs. It announced, partnership with Microsoft on 23 November, 2016 at San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Wovenware is also crossing one more milestone to partnership with Microsoft is that, now, Wovenware is the first company in Puerto Rico who has an authorization of Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for providing cloud solution. This partnership will enable company customers to utilize the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform to overcome in this new growing market of cloud based solutions.

It will also enable developers to develop machine learning tools, complex smart applications and chatbots for many different mutual customers. This company will affect new open source capabilities on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

In the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Partnership, Wovenware will help to build and manage customized solution of Microsoft Azure environments for worldwide customers. This agreement has promised to provide enough Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to develop high value customer specific applications.

Wovenware also announced that, it is the only customer implementation, regarding this new partnership that is consist of the development, deployment and management of sports tournament software, based on cloud computing solution for a sport management firm name as Sports Alternatives.

Carlos Melendez, COO and Cofounder of Wovenware Said: “Our Microsoft CSP partnership not only allows us to further support our customers’ application modernization initiatives, but it also provides access to new technologies that we can use to build and deploy smart scalable solutions.”

Herbert Lewy, Microsoft Territory Manager for Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Said: “As smart, cloud-based solutions continue to gain traction in the marketplace, Cloud Solution Providers such as Wovenware are leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform to more quickly build innovative solutions that become critical components of customers’ IT strategies. As our trusted technology partner, we look forward to working together to bring these benefits to companies.”

As this one is the first customer implementation on the behalf of Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partnership. Wovenware has built the cloud based sports management software named as ‘Eventiu’ for the Puerto Rico based Sports Alternative. This management system automates the whole program or tournament of Volleyball and Basketball. This system also calculates and assign team brackets and also manage the process of new rounds of play.

Salesforce Selects AWS to Run its Core Services Internationally

The company has planned international infrastructure  services  to run on AWS and these services  includes Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, App Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud and more.

salesforceGreatResponder.com  Salesforce announces that it will run some of its core services on AWS in various international markets, as well as continue its investments into its own data centers.

“We are excited to expand our strategic relationship with Amazon as our preferred public cloud infrastructure provider,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, Salesforce. “There is no public cloud infrastructure provider that is more sophisticated or has more robust enterprise capabilities for supporting the needs of our growing global customer base.”

Though Salesforce would not have appeared to have suffered any serious negative impact from the outage in recent weeks, the move could be seen as a means to rebuild trust in its robustness, leaning on AWS’ brand credibility to provide assurances. The move would also give the Salesforce team options should another outage occur within its own data centers. The geographies this announcement will apply to have not been announced at the time of writing.

“Leading enterprises and ISVs around the world are migrating their business-critical applications to the AWS Cloud to be more agile and efficient, reduce costs, and take advantage of the security, reliability, and broad functionality we offer,” said Andy Jassy, CEO, AWS. “Companies rely on Salesforce to transform their businesses and we are thrilled Salesforce has chosen AWS as their public cloud infrastructure partner.”

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, App Cloud, Community Cloud and Analytics-Cloud and some others will now be available on AWS, though the move does not mean Salesforce is moving away from their own data centers.

Salesforce already has a strong relationship with Amazon. Many Salesforce services, including Heroku, Marketing Cloud Social Studio, SalesforceIQ and the recently announced Salesforce IoT Cloud run on AWS infrastructure. And Salesforce is Amazon’s company-wide customer platform.

AWS has sophisticated and robust enterprise capabilities for supporting the needs of Salesforce’s growing global customer base. AWS will help accelerate its ability to bring new infrastructure online more quickly and efficiently. Salesforce will utilize AWS in select international markets to help bring new infrastructure online more quickly and efficiently.

Customers can expect that Salesforce will continue to deliver the same secure, trusted, reliable and available cloud computing services to customers, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

Web Hosting StromVZ Launches New cPanel Hosting

Web hosting StormVZ announces a new website for their customers to provide ultimate internet marketing and data storage solutions at a very competitive rate.

Web Hosting StromVZ Launches New cPanel Hosting

Web Hosting StromVZ Launches New cPanel Hosting

Greatresponder.com on Jan. 25 2013: Web Hosting StromVZ, was launched by VZ, the new site has great platform for those business owners who wish to improve their business and make it fit for the modern generation. Web Hosting StromVZ offers information about the exclusive interment marketing solutions like CPanel hosting, website hosting or web hosting, VPS, SSD VPS .

Website are playing a crucial role in several online businesses. The business owners should be looking at lot of things other than concentrating on designing the website. Web hosting or website hosting one of those important aspects, that the business on web must not forget to look at it. Web hosting allows the website users to access the website on the World Wide Web without any troubles.

An amateur business owner often think only about a good looking website as the key for success for their online business; however, many professional business owners feels that besides a good looking website, one should also have a power full web hosting service in order to succeed in competition.

Control panel website hosting is generally referred as CPanel hosting. It is the new age website hosting technology which is being widely accepted and used almost all over the world in the recent times. This allows the users to access the website easily along with powerful tools. More importantly, one can perform any important task in a quicker and easier way.

CPanel hosting is more reliable way of hosting when compared to the traditional methods. Accessibility, security and reliability are the key advantage of this web hosting method. It offers great freedom to the user or the administrator to make required changes as and when required. Thus on can build, maintain and update the website with the help of a single user interface. Most importantly it can run any type of operating system, though it is developed on Linux.

CPanal hosting services are being offered by many web hosting professionals, one can approach a licensed individual who can make things ethically by complying the cyber laws.