Appian’s Corporation Expands Its Cloud Network in UK Region

Appian cloud empowered 3.5 million users around the globe by spreading out its low-code approach, BPM and case management capabilities. Appian is a one of a leading provider of enterprise platform for digital transformation that helps all big and small organizations to stabilize the client relation and performance experiences, optimize the changing in business, master global risk and compliance.

Reston, Virginia on December 27, 2016 Appian announced that the Appian cloud is launching its local data hosting in the United Kingdom. Local data hosting will increase the accessing speed in the UK and it also enables customers in developing, deploying and scaling the powerful business applications using the unitary of the leading secure Appian clouds. Appian cloud has the huge advantages for enterprises and establishments that are executing digital transformation strategies such as Appian cloud has low charges for start-up, access to a rapid development tool with good environment, predictable cost structures and rapid return on your investment.

Appian cloud is currently being deployed in the many leading industries including: financial services, insurance, health care, public sector, life sciences and many more. Appian cloud is already listed in the UK’s customer list here is the name of some leading companies that are already the customer of Appian: John Lewis, Punch, MHRA, Taverns, Hansard Global public limited company and Bupa.

Myles Weber, CIO at Appian, said: “Appian is expanding cloud support in regions around the world to ensure our customers can leverage the benefits when driving their digital transformation strategies, It is critical given today’s ever-changing digital landscape that organizations are empowered to make business decisions quickly, efficiently and effectively. Our customers are looking to optimize their business operations through Appian’s low-code approach. When combined with cloud delivery, users experience a seamless and further accelerated transition.”

The enlargement of the Appian cloud in the UK enhances the world-wide local availability. The enlargement in the UK is complementing the availability of the Appian cloud in the 23rd different zones including USA East (Virginia), USA West (California), USA GovCloud (Oregon), Ireland, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, Australia and don’t forget most recently the expansion of Appian in the Canada. The local availability of Appian cloud is a main key success term for pushing a business which has been a tremendous software revenue growth around 45 plus percent since last 4 fiscal years.

Considering the security landscape and the utilization of deployment in the cloud environment the Appian cloud has many extensive of security accreditations that makes it highly trusted platform for building up the complex applications rapidly. Appian has accredited for various digital security firms and security service systems such as HIPAA, SoC2, SoC3, PCI DSS, G-Cloud8 framework, FedRamp 2.0 certification and additionally, it also provides industry leading reliability and 24/7 continuous monitoring, plus 99.95% SLA guaranteed for up-time and local based IT support that make Appian cloud reliability for its customers.

Author: Maria Dehn

Maria Dehn has held editorial management positions for numerous print and Web publications. She has more than 17 years of Information Technologies and journalism experience and has written many reports on cloud computing. You can reach her on Twitter @MariaDehn