Geminare’s Platform Gets TMC’s Cloud Computing Backup, Disaster Recovery Award of 2016`

Geminare’s Resiliency Management Platform (RMP) is the most settled cloud management platform that mainly focuses on Hybrid Cloud and DRaaS deployment. Geminare is a guiding company in the IT industry for its cloud based platform like IT Resiliency Orchestration (ITRO) solution for delivering DRaaS based services, announced that Geminare’s one of the leading Resiliency Management Platform (RMP) has earned TMC’s 2016 award for cloud computing backup and disaster recovery solution on Dec 16, 2016 at Palo Alto, CA.

The Resiliency Management Platform is one of the leading ITRO cloud management platform, which mainly concentrated on addressing disaster recovery and related disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) based technologies. It is also allowed the broadest range of technologies to work at enterprise sites as well as for service providers simultaneously. This is an only approach has enabled clients to deliver Hybrid and DRaaS cloud platform, this approach produces an ideal cloud platform that successfully engaged the customers in deploying of DRaaS and Hybrid technologies.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, said “Recognizing excellence in the advancement of cloud computing technologies, TMC is proud to announce Geminare’s Resiliency Management Platform as a recipient of the Cloud Computing Backup and Disaster Recovery Award, Geminare is being honored for their achievement in bringing innovation to the market, while leveraging the latest technology trends.”

When the DRaaS and Hybrid technologies were given up to the customers, while the same time RMP is creating deep-featured process automation and sophisticated orchestration capabilities that are powered by a clump of teams that’s work operations is retained under the first customer for the last one using the multi patented cloud platform.

Joshua Geist, Geminare’s CEO, stated that: “With DRaaS deployments now considered mainstream, Service Providers need more advanced and specialized software tools and platforms to effectively enable hybrid deployment models. We are very excited to be able to successfully utilize our vast in-market experience and IP to deliver and support the award winning RMP among Service Providers and within enterprise customer deployments in North America and around the world.”

This Cloud Computing and Backup Recovery Award acknowledges all the IT based cloud computing industries and vendors who were, and are incessantly working to furnish answers to the industry’s most challenging problems. It is also thankful all the big and small companies, cloud communities and vendors for their courage to minimize the business lost opportunities.