Microsoft Invests $3 Billion to Improve Customer Trust in Cloud

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said, Microsoft has invested $3 billion on cloud computing in Europe and also said, the company will offer various cloud services from data centers in France by twenty seventeen. Tech giant Microsoft invested around $3 billion, to provide the cloud services in Europe, from the various data centers located in France. The company’s announcement was taken place in the Tech Gathering at Dublin City University in Ireland. Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella led to the stage to deliver the news.

Satya Said, “Cloud computing is not just a single destination,” to lead and delineate the company’s plans to hyper-scale cloud globally.  Satya further said, “We now have over 30 regions across all parts of the globe, making sure there is access to the cloud.”

It has been one of a key strategy of Mr. Satya Nadella to transform the Microsoft into mobile-first and cloud-first entity for the forty-one years tech firm. Microsoft has seemed to deliver the cloud services, with the two times of the computing capacity in Europe.

He said, the investments have considered for growth in the data centers operating in this region including Ireland and Britian. Satya Nadella clearly said, the company did not see any impact from UK’s decision to leave the European Union and he also said the company would not change his decision to region.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has decided to make the cloud more robust,  inclusive, responsible and trusted, published a book that has around seventy-eight recommendation for public policy for getting this end.

Mr. Satya Nadella said, “With any new technology like the cloud, one of the profound things that happens is change, rapid change and disruptive change”

“It is incumbent on companies like Microsoft and broader tech community and governments to have the broader dialogue where we look at technology and ask the question: is this technology going to benefit everyone on the planet? Will this tech help solve some of the pressing issues?”

The book was really a concrete step for the company to suggest a set of ideals and policy considerations, that will help you for a spacious discussion. The book would come up with ways that surely can help with disruptive technologies for global growth in a way that is sure to be trusted, responsible,  and inclusive.

Microsoft president Brad Smith said, “Cloud computing has the potential to solve some of our world’s most challenging issues, but, as with all technological advancements, it raises important questions for society”, “We must work together to build a cloud for global good.”

Smith further said, The policies that will set to be for the next two years, that would surely define how the people will experience the cloud in next twenty-years.