OFF-Site WAN Services Enhanced to Improve Cloud Performance

With enhancement the cloud clients would be able to get super fast speed and reliable communication with the cloud services across the USA and beyond.  The cloud computing and data center service provider company, Off-Site Inc has announced that its cloud computing facilities have been optimized to improve the cloud service performance for its client. The major part of this optimization was associated with the wide area network (WAN) connectivity. This optimization would improve the performance of their cloud services for its corporate and small business clients.

It was further informed through the latest routing technology based on intelligent routing platform IRP has been implemented in the cloud network connectivity to increase the speed of the cloud. This entire optimization has been carried out by a well known network vendor named as NOCTION Inc.

While talking about this improvement, the president of the OFF-SITE Inc, Mr. Steve Borucki in his official statement, said, “As a data center and private cloud provider focused on delivering a superior experience to IT professionals, OFFSITE believes that deploying this type of technology from Noction is a requirement. Our customers demand the resiliency and reliability of our operations, including our connectivity solutions. We believe that investments such as the Noction IRP solution will allow us to continue to capture share in our target markets.”

While talking about the IRP, it was further informed that this newly developed solution is very efficient in optimization of communication routes through intelligent routing, which improves the performance of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) router’s network. This newly introduced routing solution is also very useful in solving the middle mile issues of the communication routing.

The CEO of Noction Inc, John Strong said in his official statement, “OFFSITE’s significant performance improvements and operational efficiency makes a compelling case for what Noction IRP can deliver for any multi-homed network. FFSITE is a datacenter innovator with the highest standards of reliability at every level of its infrastructure, so I’m pleased that we exceeded OFFSITE’s expectations by giving an improved level of control and visibility into their network.”

It is very important to note that with this optimization of the network, the performance of the connectivity with the mid market companies will improve significantly. The OFF-Site Company offers point to point connection from the tier-One providers to its mid-sized companies in the market. This optimization will improve their user experience.

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