IBM to Extend Its Mainframe Based Cloud Capabilities to CSC Inc Clients

With this collaboration, the CSC clients would be able to benefit from the mainframe infrastructure for the cloud based offerings of IBM Corporation.

CSC and IBM  A new collaboration agreement to strengthen the partnership in the domain of cloud computing services and infrastructure sharing, IBM and CSC signed a partnership program. In this new agreement, the CSC clients would be able to leverage the IBM’s mainframe based infrastructure to use multiple cloud based services. The high end cloud infrastructure of IBM well known as IBM Cloud for Z, will help the CSC clients in making the transition to the cloud.

IBM will offer its fully managed cloud based services for Z system, which will create a great value for the clients of CSC Inc.

While elaborating the nature of the services extended by the IBM, it was informed that the collaborative offerings will include software, mainframe hardware, monitoring services, governance and the IBM support. With this agreement, a huge cut in the operational cost for the CSC is being anticipated in the market.

The executive vice president and the general managers of global infrastructure service division at CSC Inc, Mr. Stephen Hilton, in his official statement said, “Many clients are looking for ways to make historically fixed cost more variable to migrate from legacy platforms to modernized applications and to a cloud enabled infrastructure. This new cloud-based service expands our cloud offering and is a natural evolution of our long-standing alliance with IBM.”

It is very important to note that the CSC has been trying to pursue its vision to become a service-enabled enterprise. This partnership with IBM for the highly secure, reliable and reputed cloud infrastructure use would enable the company to be able to pursue its technological vision more easily.

The company wants to achieve flexibility, and greater security of the valuable data and processes of its client while transitioning their processes to the cloud. This need was easily fulfilled by the materialization of this partnership of cloud collaboration.

While talking about the secure cloud infrastructure, IBM said in its official statement, “Since Cloud for z runs on IBM’s enterprise mainframes, the service will also provide CSC clients with greater computing security to reduce operating risks and cut the costs of their computing and IT operations by using a shared infrastructure for the software, server, disk, and the tape requirements”.

This is a win-win deal for both of the partners of this agreement.