Microsoft Offers Cloud Management License with On-Premises Tools

A comprehensive on-premises system center tools combined in the cloud management license to provide greater customer value to the clients.

Microsoft license The on-premises system center tools and the cloud operations management can be purchased in a single license agreement. It was announced by Microsoft, the US based software giant through its official website.

According to this official statement, this new service is being offered to encourage the use of public cloud and manage the hybrid cloud more effectively in the cloud environment. This will create a great value for the customers across all domains of businesses. The operations management suite (OMS) is a comprehensive SaaS service platform to manage diverse infrastructures, such as on-premises, physical infrastructure, windows based systems, Linux based platforms, AWS public cloud, MS Azure cloud platform and others.

The product manager of the Systems Center & Services, Mr. Jeremy Winter said, in his official statement, “As customers look to be more agile and efficient, they’re exploring how they can leverage the cloud. Organizations are straddling both on-premises infrastructure management and cloud resources.”

He further added, “There’s no longer a single set of management technology inside a company, they’re really using multiple tools.”

Many experts believe that the software giant is trying to focus the companies, like Jumpstart Inc, which has a diverse infrastructure based on both the cloud computing platforms and on-premises equipment.

While talking about this new move of Microsoft, Michael Boldezar, who is CTO at Jumpstart and has already worked with Microsoft Corporation has said, “We used Systems Center for all our monitoring needs before the gaming company transitioned to the cloud. While we find the Systems Center monitoring tools to be thorough. The real expertise in that software is a must. When Jumpstart began using cloud services, it started using tools from New Relic that worked well but were more expensive than OMS”.

He further said, “Jumpstart now uses OMS to monitor its Azure and AWS clouds, plus its on-premises resources. If one of the apps has slow response time, OMS can help find anomalies in infrastructure performance, and then will work to troubleshoot it by reallocating resources as needed. We’re a small, fast-moving company and OMS gives us that flexibility.”

Similarly, many other experts in the industry also believe that this move of Microsoft is going to leave a long term impact on the cloud management services across the industries in the future.

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