Power Demand Decreases Substantially in Cloud Environment, US Government Says

The power demand is anticipated to stand at a flat rate by 2020 due to the anticipated ‘hyperscale data center’ implementation.

cloud computing and electric powerGreatResponder.com  Lawrence Berkely National Labs, a reputed research institute of the US department of Energy, conducted a nationwide survey regarding the status of the demand for electric power in the domain of cloud computing industry. The survey found amazing trends pertaining to the power demand in the survey.

According to the survey, a substantial decrease in the demand of electric power has been noticed during the past six years. The current consumption of electric power across the industry in 2014 stood at about 70 billion kilowatt hours (kWh). This power was consumed in maintaining all types of cloud infrastructure, like servers, air conditioning systems, heaters, storage equipment, networking and other devices along with the lighting and other systems associated with the security and safety measures.

The study compares the electricity demand during 2005 to 2010 with the existing one. The demand for power during 2005-10 was quite high. The increase in the rate of demand during that period of time was recorded at about 24% per annum. The main reason for that high growth in demand was due to low adoption of cloud computing data centers.

With the increase in the adoption of the cloud based data centers in the industry, the demand decreased to just a single digit. The study forecasts that the demand for electric power is going to stand at about 4% during 2014 to 2020. It is also anticipated that the demand at the end of 2020 will become static in the cloud computing industry. The concept of hyperscale data center is being considered as the major driver behind this huge decline in the power demand. With the implementation of hyperscale data centers based on cloud computing will provide more energy efficiency for the companies across the USA.

Meanwhile, the study revealed that the current rate of increase in the server shipment stands at about 3% in 2015, which is driving the growth of the power at almost the same level.

This is important to note that a hyperscale data center is the one that has 400,000 square feet or above covered area with huge scale cloud integration. The new concept of data centers will prove to be very beneficial for both the companies as well as the government bodies to decrease the energy cost and reduce the carbon footprints.

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