Microsoft Azure to Lead in Enterprise Cloud, Says Latest Research

A new research study indicates the confidence of enterprise users in Microsoft enterprise cloud solutions as compared to other competitors.

MS  A new research on the future prospects of different cloud based enterprise services was conducted by the HyTrust Research Company. According to the results of the research, Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform is going to make stronger inroads into the enterprise cloud market in near future. The research was conducted with a sample size of over 500 executives of large and medium sized organizations.

According to the responses of those top executives who are in positions to influence the decision making of the company, the Microsoft Azure is the top choice for the enterprise cloud solutions. The supporter of the Microsoft Azure platform counted for over 34% of all respondents in this research study. At the second place, the respondents showed the confidence in VMware with 24% ratio. Amazon web services (AWS) is supported by 22% of the respondents of this survey.

This is really a good news for the Microsoft Azure that industry is showing its confidence heavily in the Microsoft cloud solutions. Many executives in the IT industry believe that Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive end to end cloud computing based IT solutions to the industries, while other competitors lack in some the features and support aspects.

While talking about the importance of the HyTrust research, the president of the company, Erich Chiu, in his official statement said, “Without much fanfare, this critical technology advance has become woven into the basic fabric of businesses large and small. The potential of virtualization and the cloud had always been undeniable, but there was genuine concern over security and skepticism regarding the processes required. What we find in this research is that the challenges are being overcome, and every kind of function in every kind of industry is being migrated. There are some holdouts, to be sure, but they’re now the exception, and we’re betting they won’t stay that way for long.”

In the study, it was also found that more than 74% of the enterprise respondent wanted to shift to the public cloud to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of their IT networks. The provision of the comprehensive end to end robust hybrid cloud solutions with reliable supporting tools are the major factors for the increasing reputation of Microsoft Azure cloud computing solutions.

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