Huawei Announces the Launch of “All Cloud” Strategy

The launch of All Cloud strategy is a step towards the full cloudification of products and services of the Huawei so that the company can achieve success by helping its customer more efficiently.  At Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2016, the CEO of the company announces the launch of All Cloud strategy that is totally designed on the basis of the industry trends. The strategy reflects the commitment of the company to bring innovation in the industry’s development and to improve the end user experience with its latest cloud technologies.

The innovative strategy fabricated on the ROADS experience model – Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social – this model was launched at the same event a year ago. Whereas the ROADS framework spotlight on delivering superior user experience, All-Cloud centers on network transformation and plan to make possible digital revolution within the organization. The latest promotions have been billed with the tagline of “Growing together through digitization and building a better connected world”.

“Global digitization is accelerating, and this is improving efficiency and user experience in many areas, including vertical industries, public services, and every aspect of our lives. Our Global Connectivity Index (GCI) 2016 reveals that global connectivity, improved by 5% in 2015,” said Deputy Chairman of the Board Eric Xu.

The All-Cloud scheme is built on a data center-centric architecture, with all network utilities, services and applications will run in the cloud data center. The company has stated that through a combined and open architecture, it will be capable to meet customers’ needs for business revolution on all cloud platforms, public, private, industrial, and hybrid.

Inside the company’s carrier business, the panel plan of developing cloud-based IoT, video services, and service platforms, to win new business, but will also promote the cloudification of operations systems.

“We can work together in the areas of enhancing connectivity, enabling the digital transformation of vertical industries, improving the connectivity experience and expanding access under all scenarios, and to accelerate global digitization. In the All IP era, we proposed our Single strategy, which effectively supported the development of operator customers, we advocate full cloudification to build efficient networks and agile competitiveness” said Xu.

In the organization unit, cloud computing, SDN, and big data expertise will shape the essential pillars of marketing messages. The company has apparently prioritized digital transformation as a way for enterprise to transform towards responsive and elegant operations.

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