Oracle Database Cloud to Provide Marketing Intelligence to Surdell and Partners Inc

The innovative step of Surdell and partners Inc will enable it to provide real time marketing intelligence to its clients that are top brands with the help of Oracle Database Cloud.

Oracle  Surdell and Partners that is a well known advertising and marketing agency, is using Oracle Database Cloud. It is the part of Oracle Cloud Platform that will help the company deliver near real-time intelligence to its customers. In the extremely competitive advertising and marketing environment, Surdell and Partners required using its limited IT resources on tactical actions that allow it to differentiate its services from much bigger groups.

For superior utilization of its IT resources, Surdell and Partners transfer its on-premises Oracle setting, to the Oracle Cloud. This permits Surdell and Partners to get better processes, decrease procedure costs, deliver its SaaS service faster, and make business expansion for its clientele.

“Oracle Database Cloud is a perfect solution for us,” said Adam Kanzmeier, Director of Customer Intelligence and Strategic Consulting, Surdell and Partners. “It offloads resource-intensive infrastructure and database administrator work, enabling us to focus on our core business, and that has allowed us to provide better service and more flexibility for our clients.”

“Many of our clients are marketing lines of business in retail companies, and the struggle they often face is getting the information they need to make key business decisions, whether it’s about inventory, pricing, timing of a campaign, etc. They need to make real-time decisions and often their internal IT departments don’t have the bandwidth to support their needs” he added.

As all of the client’s data is in the Oracle Cloud, not on the premises of the company, Surdell and Partners has been comforted of issues about security audits and procedures that were normal when the data was in the building. The company is showing more carefulness, Surdell and Partners seemed at other cloud solutions and even though Amazon hosts Oracle Database, only Oracle gives the package of database services, professional administration and database back-up they required.

The included Oracle Cloud Platform solutions that are chosen by the company are consisted of Oracle Database Cloud, Oracle Application Express and Oracle Database Backup Service and the service is in use since summer 2015. As a Part of Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle Database Cloud and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud give wide data managing competencies and great performance options in the cloud for operations of important business workloads.