Verizon Announces the Discontinuation of Its Public Cloud Service

An official Email has been sent to the Verizon Customers to notify them about the upcoming changes to the Verizon Cloud Services that include shutting down of its public cloud.

Verizon  Verizon Communications has given out notices to its clients that it will drag the plug off, of its public cloud offering. In the email to Verizon Cloud clients, as posted by Kenn White on Twitter, consumers of Verizon’s Public Cloud and Reserved Performance Cloud Spaces services should have to formulate other plans by April 12, when the virtual servers will be switched off. Customers of the Verizon Virtual Private Cloud and Verizon Cloud Storage will not be exaggerated by the move, while the Cloud Marketplace store, which was launched in the huge display in 2014, will also close.

“Verizon will discontinue its Public Cloud, Reserved Performance, and MarketPlace services on April 12, 2016. As an alternative, Verizon offers Virtual Private cloud (VPC), which provides the cost effectiveness of a multi-tenant public cloud, but includes added levels of configuration, control” according to the email.

Virtual Private Cloud is that other service that Verizon be going to carry on, offering to the business market and it was said by the company that it is making major investments in the business cloud platform in 2016.

Further, it was informed in the email that “On April 12, 2016, Verizon will shut down any virtual servers running on Public Cloud or Reserved performance Cloud Spaces. Please take steps now to plan for migration to VPC or another alternative before the discontinuation date. Verizon will retain no content or data remaining on these Cloud Spaces after that date and any content or data that you do not transfer prior to discontinuation will be irrecoverably deleted.”

It is also a possibility that the Verizon will start working with Google to accommodate the extremely increasing requirements for hybrid cloud systems among business clients, with a Verizon branded hybrid service running on Google’s public cloud an option. This option would preclude the requirement for Verizon having its own public cloud service. Still, none of the both companies has inveterate or deprived of the assumption about their suspected partnership.

It is a fact that the cloud market is growing aggressively and the giants of cloud providing industry have left behind the small enterprises that are struggling to satisfy their customers with their services.