IBM Announces a Series of Innovations to IBM Spectrum Storage

IBM Spectrum Storage is cloud storage solutions software of IBM, these innovations will help the largest enterprises with storage management, data security and reduced data cost.

IBM Spectrum cloud  IBM recently announced a series of innovations to its software defined cloud storage family IBM Spectrum storage. IBM said that the new features of the IBM spectrum storage include IBM Spectrum Virtualized storage virtualization for improved security and management of large amounts of data and storage. It will help the customers of IBM Spectrum Storage in the security of their data and the cost of handling the big data will also reduce.

“As organizations transform into digital business, they increasingly require a solution to store data safely and cost effectively,” said Jamie Thomas, GM IBM Storage. “The advancements in Spectrum Storage will help clients by increasing data security and improving data storage management.”

A survey of organizations of all sizes shows that the data security is the priority of all organizations and a research reveals that the data encryption feature is the most considerable point of IT managers this year. IBM is offering a new software feature which will remove the need of purchasing of new infrastructure for data encryption; it will provide the data encryption on the existing heterogeneous storage system.

“Data encryption has become one of the top priorities for our clients as they face more stringent corporate security requirements around data storage,” said David Howard, of Key Information Systems. “Now, with IBM Spectrum Virtualize and its ability to encrypt external storage, customers have a single, standard storage encryption solution that protects their current storage investments eliminating the need for islands of encryption or the purchase of new storage systems.”

The new IBM Spectrum Scale software and the IBM Elastic Storage Server integrated system are able to help the clients in reducing the capital and operating cost of handling of large volume files used by cloud storage applications. Along with the above mentioned features IBM is also adding new cloud services with a fast speed to help the customers deploy apps in the cloud.

For a running business a short downtime can increase the number of dissatisfied customers. These new features of cloud storage along with apps will help in updating the software without any downtime. The new services help developers avoid disruption to app when deploying updates, eliminate complexity from manual processes, and integrate data from sources of real-time information.