IBM and 21Vianet Partner for hybrid cloud-driven Hosting and Storage Services

IBM and 21Vianet Group Inc., the  partnership will start a new era of hybrid cloud hosting in china, which supports live migration of virtual servers.

IBM BLUMIX PARTNERSHIP  IBM announced that its cloud computing platform Bluemix will be available in china. It was announced at the signing ceremony of IBM and 21Vianet Group partnership agreement. 21Vianet is the leading internet data service provider in China. IBM will provide its Bluemix technology and 21Vianet will be responsible for providing all infrastructure and end to end operation of Bluemix in China.

According to the agreement, collaboration of both companies will be used to expand Bluemix ecosystem in China and encourage developers and large organizations to adopt the same hybrid cloud-based models for efficient building of new apps and technologies. The open standards based Bluemix catalog includes a variety of categories with over 120 tools and services like big data, analytics, security, integration, Dev Ops and Internet of Things.

“Cloud computing is the cornerstone for helping organizations drive innovation and entrepreneurship in China. We believe that the launch of Bluemix will help China’s burgeoning community of developers create apps that have the power to impact and change industries throughout the country,” said Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president, IBM Cloud. According to an analysis, 10 % of the total population of developers are present in china. Because of this growth in the industry of developers they are now able to grow local entrepreneurship and innovation.

Josh Chen, Chairman and CEO of 21Vianet Group, Inc., said, “IBM is a global, leading enterprise-level cloud computing provider.  Using Bluemix, we’ll provide more open enterprise cloud computing development environments, and build a complete enterprise cloud computing ecosystem with other domestic and foreign service providers throughout the country.”

21Vianet Group Inc. is already providing a number of web related services like hosting, managed network services, cloud services, business VPN Services and improving the reliability, security and speed of its customer’s internet infrastructure. 21Vianet is providing smart routing technology which enables the data to be delivered across the internet in a faster and more reliable manner. 21Vainet is providing hosting services to more than 2000 enterprise customers from internet companies to government departments. The collaboration of IBM and 21Vianet will open new horizons of cloud driven environment for the developers and the enterprises which are developing next generation cognitive, analytical and IoT apps and technologies.

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