Amazon Announces AWS IoT – A Broader Vision in Cloud Computing

AWS IoT is capable of connecting billions of devices and applications on a global scale with the help of its strong cloud computing infrastructure.

Reinvent Amazon Web Service Inc, announced AWS IoT to strengthen its cloud offerings at AWS re:Invent 2015. AWS IoT will enable companies to act according to the processed and analyzed large volume data generated by the connected devices. AWS IoT allows the manufacturer to set the rules and actions that can be taken in response of the data received from the connected devices. AWS IoT also creates a virtual “shadow” of all the connected devices which will carry all information about the device status.

“Now, AWS IoT enables a whole ecosystem of manufacturers, service providers, and application developers to easily connect their products to the cloud at scale, take action on the data they collect, and create a new class of applications that interact with the physical world” said Marco Argenti, Vice President, Mobile and IoT, AWS.

The AWS IoT application gives power to the manufacturer and the developers to integrate and connect everything from large oil and gas manufacturing to a small smart house through cloud computing. But a considerable amount of infrastructure and development efforts are necessary to achieve the target of the sensor embedded everything.

“The promise of the Internet of Things is to make everyday products smarter for consumers, and for businesses to enable better, data-driven offerings that weren’t possible before. World-leading organizations like Philips, NASA, JPL, and Sonos already use AWS services to support the back-end of their IoT applications,” said Marco Argenti, Vice President, Mobile and IoT, AWS.

AWS IoT allows its customers to do many things like connecting a huge number of devices to the cloud and to each other (thanks to cloud computing). Without proven identity the data cannot be shared or exchanged between devices so the data is always secure. Security credentials can be generated by the customers for their devices. As earlier said a “shadow” of every device is always available so the cloud application can connect to the devices even if they are offline.

Starter kits of AWS IoT manufactured by top hardware manufacturers made it easy to get a quick start. These starter kits are powered by AWS IoT includes IoT SDK and hardware component which are ready to connect with AWS IoT. Arrow, Broadcom, Intel, Marvell, Mediatek, Microchip, Qualcomm, Renasas, Seed Studio, and Texas Instruments is offering Starter kits through the AWS Hardware partner program.

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