Amazon AWS launches New Desktop Application Marketplace

The new desktop app marketplace of Amazon cloud computing platform will enable users to find out a wide range of desktop applications suitable for Amazon Workspaces.

AWS  Amazon announces the launch of a new desktop application market on its cloud computing platform to offer flexibility to customers to find out the desired desktop applications for Amazon workspaces. This new application will offer freedom to choose from many online desktop applications that are suitable for workspaces or online desktops, especially Amazon workspaces.

It was further told that many companies implement numerous software titles – sometime more than 200 – in their desktops that makes it so complex to handle and manage. The newly launched application of Amazon cloud computing services would enable the users to find, purchase, manage and operate different useful applications that are suitable for any task or assignment. It will also give the option to use and remove the desired application without any difficult procedures. By the use of this application, clients will be able to reduce their capital cost of numerous applications and the management cost for maintaining the same.

This new application market place of Amazon cloud computing service named as AWM will offer the features to deploy and manage different desktop applications as per requirements. You can scale up or scale down those applications and their resources at any point of time through the cloud computing platform.

While talking about the features of the newly launched product, in his official statement, the general manager of Amazon Web Services Enterprise Applications, Mr. Gene Farrell said, “With just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, Amazon WorkSpaces customers are able to provision a high-quality, cloud-based desktop experience for their end users at half the cost of other virtual desktop infrastructure solutions. By introducing the AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps and Amazon WAM, AWS is adding even more value to the Amazon WorkSpaces experience by helping organizations reduce the complexity of selecting, provisioning, and deploying applications. With pay-as-you-go monthly pricing and end-user self-provisioning of applications, customers will lower the costs associated with provisioning and maintaining applications for their workforce”.

It was further explained that this new application market, in addition to choosing and purchasing applications from the marketplace, allows the businesses to upload their own business applications to control the employees and their access to their business applications.

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