Google Acquires Zync Render to Strengthen Its Cloud Computing Platform Portfolios

The acquisition of Zync Render, the visual effect company would enhance the quality of multiple services on the Google cloud computing platform.

GoogleGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the Google Corporation’s cloud computing services’ division on Tuesday August 26, 2014 that it has acquired the Zync Render Company, which is a visual effect firm to enhance the cloud computing based visual media services of the company. The announcement was made public through the official blog post of the cloud computing platform services of the company.

The financial terms and conditions were not disclosed in the official statement of the company, but it was informed that the visual effects of the acquired company were used in many famous projects and companies; the ‘Looper’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ are a few important film projects to name. “This acquisition would increase the quality of the service of many cloud computing based portfolios of Google Corporation, and a drastic decrease in the cost of the product would be achieved” as informed in the official post.

It was further informed that the Zync Render and Google Cloud Platform would offer highly professional and robust rendering as a service to the customers. It will allow the studios to bill in terms of minutes, which will decrease the cost of the studios.zync

In his official blog, the product manager at Google cloud computing platform services, Mr. Belwadi Srikanth wrote, “Creating amazing special effects requires a skilled team of visual artists and designers, backed by a highly powerful infrastructure to render scenes. Many studios, however, don’t have the resources or desire to create an in-house rendering farm, or they need to burst past their existing capacity.”

While talking about the technical aspects of the Zync visual effect features, it was informed that the effects of the Zync Render are optimized for the Amazon cloud environment, but they would be modified in accordance with the Google cloud platform features after the acquisition by Google.

Meanwhile, the website of Zync visual effect firm, further added that, “Yes, we are excited, and yes, great things are coming; our service will be back, and better than ever, on Google Cloud Platform.”

It is important to note that Zync technology has already been used in many commercial as well as feature films such as, “Transformer: Dark of the Moon”, and the “American Hustle” and many others.

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