CenturyLink Launches Private Cloud Computing Services to Target Large Enterprises

This new launch of private cloud computing platform of the company would increase the share of the enterprise market.

Cloud Computing Solution Provider CenturyLink to Use BOSH for Public CloudGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the CenturyLink on August 21, 2014 that it is going to launch a futuristic private cloud computing platform. This platform would target the enterprise and large organizations in the marketplace so that, substantial increase the in enterprise market can be achieved through highly secure and reliable cloud services.

It was further informed in the official statement of the company that the newly developed product line for the enterprise customers would be based on the CenturyLink public cloud platform with added security and reliability features.

“We believe the new product launch will enable the company to increase its market share in enterprise business while also remaining accretive to revenues” as quoted in the official statement. Meanwhile, it was further maintained that the company is very aggressively pursuing the development of highly reliable and sophisticated private cloud computing based infrastructure to meet the increasing demands from the enterprise customers for secure private cloud computing services. The company owns very strong capabilities related to integrated hosting services and network solutions, which will help the company to increase its business.

The CTO of the company further maintained in his official statement that, “CenturyLink is concentrating on expanding the business base of its subsidiary Savvis, which has contributed substantially in uplifting the performance level of the former through its cloud computing and managed hosting solutions for enterprises. In this regard, CenturyLink acquired Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider – AppFog Inc. This acquired unit – which extends custom-made PaaS capabilities to software developers and public cloud services through www.appfog.com – will augment the product portfolio of Savvis. We view this acquisition as a growth driver for CenturyLink as AppFog’s high-quality PaaS offerings along with Savvis’ industry-leading infrastructure base will likely create a secure and reliable network for developing applications in the cloud.”

It was also informed in the statement regarding its future plans that, CenturyLink is aggressively working toward the expansion of data centers across the USA and other prospective regions of the world. The company also affirmed that as many as six data centers would be installed with the advanced cloud node capabilities by the end of this year.

It is very important to note that company also acquired Tier 3 recently to boost the data hosting and cloud based software development.

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