IBM Acquires LightHouse Group, the Provider of Cloud Computing Security Services

The integration of cloud computing security services of LightHouse group into IBM cloud services will enhance the identity and data security of IBM cloud services.

ibm cloud computingGREATRESPONDER.COM – International Business Machine (IBM) Corporation has announced on Friday August 15, 2014 that, it has acquired LightHouse Group, the provider of cloud computing security services to enhance the identity and data security of the customers in the cloud. This acquisition was announced within less than a month of another acquisition completed by IBM. Earlier this month, IBM acquired CrossIdea, a cloud computing based security management software provider company. The financial terms and conditions of LightHouse acquisition were not disclosed in the official announcement of the company.

In his official statement, the General Manager of IBM Security Services, Mr. Kris Lovejoy said, “Business models are rapidly evolving as employees conduct more of their work offsite. Protecting this data and who has access to it has become a challenge, costing our clients time and money. With this acquisition, IBM provides a unique identity and access management offering that combines proven software and analytics technology with expert managed services that make it easy for businesses to tackle the complexities of security in this new digital world.”

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of LightHouse Security Group, Mr. Eric Maass, in his official statement said, “Our ability to match the power and capabilities of traditional enterprise offerings through a cloud-based service set us apart from the competition and fueled our success. We are excited to become part of IBM’s security offering and help customers continue to transform their operations while giving them the assurance that their most vital assets remain secure.”

It was further informed through the official statement of the company that, the integration of cloud computing based security services of Lincoln based Security group would enable the IBM cloud service to offer the most secure and reliable services to the enterprise customers, to whom the security is prime concern. LightHouse security is highly robust and innovative in the marketplace, as maintained by the IBM officials. It was further elaborated that the integration of CrossIdea security software and LightHouse Group would take the security and reliability of IBM cloud computing services to a new height.

Many analysts believe that Snowden Snoop-gate has impacted the business of large cloud service providers, and they want to reassure their customers by implementing very strong security management in their services.

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