U.S. Based OrcsWeb Cloud Computing Company Acquired By Canada Based SherWeb Company

With the acquisition of OrcsWeb cloud computing company, the Canadian firm plans to jump start into the launching of the public cloud services.

SherWebGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the SherWeb, the provider of cloud computing based Microsoft service in Canada region that it has acquired the OrcsWeb cloud computing service Provider Company, which is based in North Caroline state of America. The official statement did not disclose the amount of the deal, but it clearly informed that the deal has been closed officially on the 22nd day July, 2014.

This acquisition of OrcsWeb cloud computing service provider will enable the SherWeb to jumpstart the cloud computing services based on the public cloud, as informed by the company.

It was further informed in the official statement that, with this acquisition of OrcsWeb, SherWeb will get the access to the four important integrated data centers located in the USA, from which, OrcsWeb has been operating its cloud computing based services. Meanwhile, the expertise, and infrastructure of OrcsWeb will prove to be very helpful in competing with the high profile companies in the domain of cloud computing services.

In his official statement, the cloud computing product manager of SherWeb, Mr. Guillaume Boisvert said, “For 2014, introducing our own public cloud will be our main focus for both retail and our channel with the help of our customer focused policy to provide high performance cloud services,” he further added that “The idea for us is to go all out and provide top-of-the-line performance and really deliver that to our customers and to our partners. We tell our customers that our virtual servers will work as well as their dedicated servers.”

While talking about the nature of the service and its quality, the official statement further elaborated that the company plans to offer the most sophisticated hardware infrastructure of the prominent IT providers, the enterprise level security, high performance, industry grade customer support, and dedicated SSD storage to its customers to develop a sustainable market in this fiercely competitive domain of business.

Mr. Guillaume Boisvert further maintained that, “They (OrcsWeb management) really wanted us to offer that managed cloud, so it was really one of the drivers of the acquisition, so we could offer the right products for our channel.”

The analysts in this domain of cloud computing industry believe that it will be good opportunity for SherWeb to capitalize the expertise and infrastructure acquired from OrcsWeb in the market place.

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