VMware, the Cloud Computing Virtualization Giant, Launches Second Datacenter in UK

This newly established data center in the UK region will cater the increasing demand for cloud computing services in the region.

vmwareGREATRESPONDER.COM – VMware has been working to fulfill its strategy to develop the software defined data centers across the globe to strengthen the cloud computing service portfolios of the company. The company has announced this weekend that it is going to launch the second data center in the London area of the United Kingdom to further strengthen its strategy to offer cloud computing infrastructures to the companies via software defined data centers across the globe.

The official statement further maintained that, this is the second data center in the region after having noticed the immensely huge demand in the cloud computing services based on the VMware’s vCloud.

It was further informed in the company announcement that vCloud Hybrid Service would be run from this innovative and the state of the art data center. Meanwhile, the strategic partnership with different companies and wholesalers would be established to use the hybrid cloud services of the company from this data center.

The company informed the media that the starting of this data center is the part of the global expansion of the company’s strategic business based on vCloud hybrid cloud computing services, in which a substantial number of data centers would be established in the USA, Japan, and other parts of the globe.

While talking about the technical aspects of the vCloud Infrastructure as a Service model of the cloud computing business of the company, the statement elaborated that this service will enable the customers across the broad to transfer both the – data, and the applications – in the cloud.

In his statement, the CEO of the VMware Company, Pat Gelsinger said, “The aim was to take a snapshot of a user’s environment, physical and virtual, then automatically recreate that in the vCloud Hybrid Service, either in parts or in full.”He further added that, “The cloud computing infrastructure service based on vCloud platform, would be very beneficial for the channel partners of the company in the United States, Europe and other regions of the world.”

The General Manager and the VP Cloud Service EMEA Gavin Jackson said, in his statement, “The customers initially started using the vCloud Hybrid Cloud for specific projects – most recently VMware added disaster recovery and data protection to the offering and Pivotal CF enterprise Platform-as-a-Service scaling technology.”

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