California State Partners with IBM to Implement Cloud Computing Servers for State’s Official Data

The public private partnership between California State and IBM of worth $400 million would transfer the data of more than 400 state agencies into the cloud computing based servers.

IBM Cloud ComputingGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by IBM and the California state government yesterday, that both of the parties are going to establish a partnership based on public private partnership (PPP) scheme to run the data services of different agencies of the state by using the cloud computing servers implemented by the IBM.

In the official statement issued by the both stakeholders, it was informed that this partnership would help the California state to benefit from the power of cloud computing servers offered by Big Blue, the giant provider of cloud based services. It was further elaborated about the partnership that the program will be spread over the span of five years, and the cost of the entire project is estimated at about $400 million. This partnership with the IBM would help more than 400 agencies belonging to state and local administration to transfer their official databases and online services into the cloud computing based servers running in the cloud installations of IBM’s SoftLayer subsidiary.

While elaborating about the kind of data that will be transferred into the cloud computing based servers of IBM, it was informed that the citizen’s data – social security, tax, welfare, and other – of the entire state would be parked in the cloud.

The California state has coined the term “CalCloud” for this entire cloud computing based partnership, which will be fully managed by the dedicated team of IBM Corporation.

In his statement, the senior vice president of IBM Global Technologies, Mr. Erich Clementi said, “Transforming how the State of California delivers technology services is not only more efficient and cost effective, it will spur innovation with cloud capabilities that are open and secure,” he further added that “California is setting an example for other states on how to use cloud technology to improve coordination across agencies and municipalities while reducing the barriers and duplication that can impede the delivery of government services.”

Meanwhile, the project director of CalCloud project, Mr. Neeraj Chauhan, in his statement said, “As our customers share resources, we become more efficient in delivering services and being able to reduce the cost of delivering those services.”

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