BBC Launches Its First Radio Station Powered by Private Cloud Computing Infrastructure

The first radio station out of 39 local stations of British Broadcasting Corporation BBC has been launched with the power of private cloud computing service at Northampton; and the remaining will follow after successful operation of the first one.

BBCGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the giant broadcasting organization of the United Kingdom that it is going to put all of its local radio stations into the private cloud computing based infrastructure to make them more flexible, and scalable in the fast changing environment of electronic media. To pursue its vision use the private cloud computing infrastructure at large, the first radio station out of 39 location stations has been put into the private cloud. According to the official statement of the BBC, this will help assess the benefits of future use of cloud computing technologies in operating the local radio stations of the organization more efficiently and effectively.

BBC stated a project named as ViLoR or Virtual Local Radio with the help of its technology department to transfer all 39 local stations into the cloud – more stations would be added later after assessing and analyzing the effectiveness and profitability of the first radio station in the private cloud.

In his official statement, the interim CTO of the BBC, Mr. Peter Coles said, “This is an excellent example of BBC innovation helping us find new, lower cost and more flexible ways of providing the technology our program makers need to deliver great Local Radio to our audiences from the local community”. While elaborating the procedure and future plans, Peter maintained, “Northampton is a first, but significant, step toward us proving the potential for a fully virtualized BBC Local Radio network, and I’m sure we’ll see the industry begin to adopt a similar approach. We’ll continue to test and iterate the technology to help shape future plans before we decide whether to roll the system out across additional BBC Local Radio stations.”

It was further explained in the official statement of the BBC that, using traditional technology and resources in managing 39 radio stations is so costly; and it produces inefficient results in the changed ecosystem of cloud computing technologies as well as other modern IT technologies. With the implementation of private cloud computing in the radio operation would improve the sound quality, content sharing, and robust collaboration.

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