Vexxhost Adds CentOS 7 Servers to Its Cloud Computing Service Portfolios

Vexxhost Cloud Computing Service Provider Company becomes one of the first companies to have launched the latest version of CentOS 7 Server to improve the speed, ease and efficiency of its cloud based offerings.

VEXXHOST Cloud Computing

VEXXHOST Cloud Computing

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the Vexxhost Company yesterday that, it has successfully launched the latest version of open source operating system for the cloud based servers of its cloud computing offerings. This launch of the servers based on the latest version of CentOS would enable the customers to increase the speed, ease to use, flexibility, and efficiency of their cloud computing based servers.

It was further informed by the company through its official website that, CentOS 7 servers are available for all cloud computing based services of the company. The customers can select CentOS 7.0 – on the OpenStack cloud platform – the base image for the cloud servers to create your cloud computing service within less than 30 seconds of time.

The official statement further maintained that the Vexxhost has become of the first companies to have launched this highly featured and most powerful operating system in its cloud computing based services.

While talking about the features of this powerful operating system, the official statement further elaborated that CentOS 7 is capable of handling In-Place Upgrades, which were not available in the older versions of the CentOS; therefore, many customers would feel a bit frustrated in upgrading the older versions. This new version of CentOS also introduces a new version of Kernel – Kernel 3.10.0 – that is more featured and capable in handling optimization function of the servers. This new version of kernel improves the performance of old features and introduces many new ones in the system.

The president of the Vexxhost Company, Mr. Khaled Naser, in his official statement said, “With the introduction of in-place upgrades, CentOS becomes a much easier to use operating system and the adoption rate of CentOS 7 should be much faster because of the easy upgrades. From now on, you should be able to upgrade to the new release of CentOS with the help of documentation available on our official website”. He further added that “the CentOS based servers are very easy to use through the most intuitive control panel of our company; if you are a public cloud customer, you can simply login to your Cloud Console and create a new server from there; you’ll see the “CentOS 7.0? option available under server images. If you are a cloud server customer, you can simply order a new server from our website”.

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