Lockheed Martin’s Pilot Project of Cloud Computing Platform for US Air Force to Turn as Full-scale Production

US-airforceThe joint project of Lockheed Martin and US air force for developing the private cloud computing platform for US navy has tested successfully to start production in the month of July, 2014.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the US force this week that the pilot project to develop the private cloud computing platform for US air force has been implemented and tested successfully – and now, they are going to start it as a full scale production project from the next month of this year. It was further informed in the official statement of the US air force that, the pilot project was developed and tested for supporting hybrid cloud computing platform with special emphasis on the security and reliability. This project was launched under the Global Combat Support System Air Force or (GCSS-AF) program, which is based on the collaboration of the Lockheed Martin and the Defense Technology department.

While talking about the features and use of this newly developed cloud computing platform of the US air force, it was informed that, this project would be helpful to run securely and smoothly the websites of the air force, premium gateway for the Air Force enterprises user, running the mission critical applications, and many other defense collaborative programs among the defense department of the USA government. This program would be able to cater as many as 800000 users of the defense organization to provide high level of security, robust reliability and much more.

The program director of GCSS-AF with the US Air Force, Mr. Michael Clark, in his official statement said, “GCSS-AF is focused on continued affordability for its application customers. The cloud pilot enables us to assess the viability of achieving significant cost savings while also increasing war fighter efficiencies.”

Meanwhile, the vice president of enterprise IT solutions with Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions, Angela Heise said, “Migrating to a cloud-based environment introduces on-demand service requests and enables the warfighter to bring the capability to the frontlines with lower start up and maintenance costs.”

It is important to note that Lockheed Martin also helped the US air force recently to start a mobile portal and application data for the US air force staff on their mobile devices. “Both efforts were promising and will help drive the deployment of more mission-critical applications in the cloud for the organization,” added by the Lockheed Martin.

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