Salesforce to Revamp Its Cloud Computing Services Aggressively for Sale in Public Sector

salesforce cloud computingSalesforce is focusing on the government agencies as one of the most prospective sectors for selling the cloud computing based services nowadays to multiply its increasing business growth in the marketplace.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – It is so long since the Salesforce Company is trying to net the cloud computing service related business in the government sectors, but now the company is paying special attention to this sector for selling its cloud computing services. A large company sponsored conference recently in Washington, DC to promote the business relationship with the government agencies is being viewed as one of the major step in this direction. This conference was attended by more than 4000 partners of the company and a huge number of government representatives from different departments.

It was further elaborated in the official statement of the company, that the company is pursuing its new policy for the public sector that is named as “Cloud First”. This policy is developed to create a substantial push for the sales of cloud computing services in the public sector. The spearhead of this public sector push, Mr. Vivek Kundra issued the company’s policy “The Cloud First” in the conference. Mr. Kundra is the executive vice president of the company, who has also served as the first United States CIO of the company.

Mr. Kundra said in his interview during the conference in Washington, DC, “The shift may have started slowly but that momentum is growing. What we’re doing is not just introducing technology, but it’s disrupting business models”. He further elaborated that “We’re actually excited about the fact that at the CIA, a [cloud] company like Amazon wins a $600 million deal. You have [software company] Concur at the [General Services Administration] that wins a $1.3 billion deal, you’ve got Google and a whole host of new entrants that are fundamentally going to change the landscape, but more importantly the expectation of technology leaders in the public sector.”

Meanwhile, the senior vice president of the public sector department of Salesforce, Dave Rey informed about the progress and commitment of the company towards cloud computing business in the public sector. He said in his statement, “Overall, business with the public sector — federal, state and local governments — continues to be brisk. As you start to see more and more government organizations do prototypes in the cloud, this is really starting to snowball where they’re trying to talk about innovation.”

It is important to note that the company has already established a dedicated public sector sales department a couple of months back.

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