NewCloud Networks Launches DaaS Cloud Computing Based Service for SME Customers

NewCloud Networks Launches DaaS Cloud Computing Based Service for SME Customers

NewCloud Networks Launches DaaS Cloud Computing Based Service for SME Customers

Newly launched cloud computing based Desktop as a Service DaaS would enable the small to medium range customers to benefit from the cheap and flexible service of NewCloud Company.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the well known cloud computing service provider company ‘NewCloud’ that, it is going to offer the most powerful and flexible DaaS service to its prospective clients. This announcement was made through an official press release statement.

According to the official statement, the NewCloud Networks has developed a highly featured and consolidated DaaS cloud computing service for small to medium size customers. This service will prove to be very beneficial for the users to access the data and computing resources through any web browser at any time, and from anywhere on the globe. It was further elaborated about this comprehensive offering of the company that, this service would enable the users to use a complete set of compute, RAM and storage based on the cloud computing services from the company data centers rather than from local machines. This will reduce the upfront infrastructure cost of the companies tremendously. This service will also reduce the maintenance cost of IT infrastructure very drastically.

The Vice President of Sales and Engineering for NewCloud, Mr. Kristofor Hogaboom said in his official statement, “Our Desktop-as-a-Service solution completes our Infrastructure-as-a-Service portfolio and highlights our dedication to the midmarket space, and virtualizing the desktop environment increases security for businesses. In a DaaS environment, the device connecting to the desktop is only used as a gateway for accessing business data. If the device is compromised in any way, for example by theft or damage, the data remains intact and safe in our facilities.”

While talking about the benefits of these new offerings to the customers, it was further explained that the service is highly secure and featured in terms of efficiency, reliability and robustness. This service layoff the expenses related to VPN connections, hardware infrastructures and software management, which cost a huge amount of money to the users.

“With data generation increasing and technology constantly changing, businesses need virtualized desktop environments in order to keep up with their growth. In a DaaS environment, just as within a virtual server environment, our customers can ask us to increase resources as needed, rather than having to capacity plan for a hardware purchase and risk underutilization. It is a faster and more cost-effective solution than making a traditional desktop purchase” says the president of NewCloud Networks Mr. Sam Kumar in his statement.

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