Microsoft, Salesforce in Process to Collaborate in Running Cloud Computing Service

salesforceTwo arch rivals in the domain of cloud computing and software applications – Microsoft Corporation and Salesforce – are joining hands to create a collaborative business ecosystem.

This has been learnt through the reliable sources that both of the companies are in a long process of negotiation to reach the conclusion of establishing a possible partnership for running software as a service SaaS on Azure cloud computing platform. Although, both of the companies have not officially announced this breaking news as yet – but, the short statement from both of the companies to have agreed that some software products would work better in collaboration between the two platforms signals something big is in making between these two giants.

It was also officially announced that the customer relationship management (CRM) software would be available for different operating systems of Microsoft devices – mobile and computers. The Salesforce CRM would run in integration with the Office 365 cloud computing service of Microsoft Corporation on both the windows based mobiles and computers. This announcement is big news in the domain of information technology and especially in the fiercely competitive cloud computing marketplace.

MicrosoftSalesforce and Microsoft Corporation share a very hostile business history during the past 10 years – during that hostile period – both of the companies aggressively termed each other the enemy to each other through different marketing and legal pursuits.

During a conference call, while talking about this new progress in between the two cloud computing companies, the CEO of Salesforce Mr. Marc Benioff said, “This announcement is really about putting our customers first.” Many analysts believe that Marc Benioff is considered to have good relationship with the newly appointed CEO of Microsoft Mr. Satya Nadella; and, due to the joint efforts of the CEOs of both companies, they are inching towards a large scale collaboration not only in cloud computing domain but also in the software development field. This announcement was made via a short official statement issued to the media. There were no more details of the agreement or any other information pertaining to technicalities or commercial understanding.

Like many analysts, the senior analyst with Bernstein Research, Mr. Mark Moerdler suggests that, “It’s possible any deal would be limited to’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and possibly as these are the most synergistic to Microsoft cloud offerings (Office 365, Azure, Skype and possibly even Microsoft Dynamics CRM).”

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