Mobile and Cloud Computing Topped the List of Moneymaker IT Portfolio in 2013

cloud-mobile-computingMore than 53% IT companies in the United States of America registered mobile services and 47% companies cloud computing services as the top moneymaker portfolios of their IT business.

This was revealed via a skillful survey in the domain of information technology industry that the mobile and cloud computing services are the key money maker services offered by the IT companies in the United States. This fact was unearthed by the technical executive’s survey conducted by KPMG in the USA. The findings of this survey were made public last week.

According to the survey conducted by KPMG, in which the company researchers asked the chief executive officers and CIOs of 100 companies in IT field to name the top performer portfolios of their businesses. The results reveal that 53% of the executives of these companies responded that mobile applications and related services performed more than expectations – and, these services generated more than expected revenue during the year 2013. It was further maintained in the survey report that, 47% of the executives of the IT companies responded that cloud computing services were the key performer in their businesses in the year 2013. Cloud computing services generated more revenue that it was project for the past year.

The survey further concluded that these executives were a bit skeptical that this tremendous performance of mobile services and cloud computing services would continue for long period of time. They were of the idea that the data – especially the Big Data – and data analytics would be the big market drivers in the near future. These two futuristic domains can overtake the existing forerunner services – mobile and cloud computing – in very near future.

It was further revealed in the survey report that the internet of thing or IoT is also going the biggest component in the future IT business based on cloud computing and other IT domains.

According to the Gary Matuszak, Global Chair, KPMG Technology, Media, and Telecommunications, “IoT is emerging as the next major revenue driver for such companies for the years to come. At the very least, it has become more prominent as a discrete subject in the minds of those surveyed; in last year’s survey, IoT didn’t even make the list of major revenue drivers at all.”

Technology analysts believe that cloud computing will remain the basic foundation for big data and analytic services in future too.

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