Salesforce Strengthens Cloud Computing Business by Launching a Featured Mobile App

salesforce-cloudNewly launched Mobile App will allow the users of Salesforce cloud computing service to run their business from their mobile phones.

This was announced by Salesforce, the prominent provider of cloud computing services, that it has launched a mobile app that will enable the cloud computing services users to run their businesses from their smart phones with the help of this highly featured mobile application. The name of this newly launched mobile app is “Salesforece1”. This announcement was made public at a World Tour Event for the summer season.

It was further elaborated about this newly launched application that, it offers more than 30 salient features that will enable the customers to manage their business more effectively and efficiently. These features include the sales, marketing, data management, and other process handling capabilities. Now, the cloud computing users can easily log into this highly featured app and manage their business processes from their mobile phones.

At present, this mobile app also handles more than 65 partner’s applications that will enable to use the services and features of the services offered by the partners of the Salesforce cloud computing company. This mobile application is also capable of handling the customized business applications that are suitable for certain businesses of the customers.

While talking about the technical features and capabilities of the mobile app, it was further informed that this application can run on all common browsers available in the marketplace. This application is also capable to create a customized business ecosystem that can connect to different applications such as SAP and other database and customer relationship management (CRM).

In his statement, the senior director of the mobile products at Salesforce Corporation, Mr. Michael Peachy said, “We have a clear indication that customers are taking the app and branding it and adding custom actions.”

This application supports blackberry, Apple iPhones, and windows 8 smart phones along with the Android cell phones. This application also supports, email, questions and answers, and many other features to manage the entire business ecosystem on a mobile device.

At the same time, the company also announced that it is going to expand its infrastructure footprints in the European region. The company is launching a new state of the art data center in the United Kingdom; and a few more data centers both in France and Germany will be launched soon.

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