Enhanced Disaster Recovery Capabilities Added to the SoftLayer Cloud Computing Services

Enhanced Disaster Recovery Capabilities Added to the SoftLayer Cloud Computing Services

Enhanced Disaster Recovery Capabilities Added to the SoftLayer Cloud Computing Services

The enhanced capabilities and features of disaster recovery services and infrastructure added to the cloud computing service platform of IBM makes its services and infrastructure the most resilient and consistent.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the Big Blue Company on Monday, April 14, 2014 that, it has taken another strong step to strengthen the qualities and the capabilities of its cloud computing services offered through SoftLayer by adding the most innovative and state of the art infrastructure as well as service disaster recovery features to its cloud computing platform. The new features and capabilities would enable the SoftLayer cloud computing services to be able to cope with the disastrous situations with the help of professionally carved disaster recovery program, which includes the two state of the art disaster recovery data centers located in different contents, and the access for the SoftLayer customers to the Virtualized Server Recovery Service VSRS of IBM.

It was further elaborated in the official statement that IBM has been managing the disaster recovery programs for years, but now it plans to strengthen the same to its newly established infrastructure as a service IaaS via SoftLayer Company. This disaster recovery program would contain two disaster recovery data centers one located at Mumbai, India and the other one in Raleigh, NC, USA. They are located in different continents for better security and redundancy. These both facilities would be integrated into the planned 15 data centers and 150 resiliency centers across the globe.

Another important feature of this program is the access of Virtualized Server Recovery Service for the customers of SoftLayer cloud computing Services Company. This service will allow the customers to automate the disaster recovery for their critical applications and the data. With the help of this feature, the customers will be able to replicate the crucial databases, applications, system files, and user data to make sure that service can easily be recovered after it sustains a disaster situation.

Meanwhile, the company has also announced that a $10 million deal is being signed with the Novitex, which is a documentation management company – to run the security and infrastructure operation of the SoftLayer cloud computing company.

The company is also starting to offer the consultancy service for its cloud computing customers to help them transfer their on-premise service to the cloud computing platforms.

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