Amazon Cloud Hosting Achieves DoD Authorization

Amazon Cloud Hosting Achieves DoD Authorization

Amazon Cloud Hosting Achieves DoD Authorization

Amazon cloud hosting has become one of a few companies to have achieve the authorization to work for the US Department of Defense (DoD) in cloud computing technology related projects.

This was announced by the cloud hosting giant Amazon last week, it has got the authorization of the United States Department of Defense. This authorization will allow the company to bid, and work on different projects for defense securities. This authorization is achieved under the cloud security standards of the department, which are more stringent and hard to accomplish. It was further said that the company has successfully accomplished the requirements of the department, and now it has authorization to bid for the cloud hosting projects of different security agencies of the US government.

The company official statement further elaborates that the company will be able to work for different categories related to cloud hosting, web hosting projects, such as – public facing websites, open data sets and others. Meanwhile, it was maintained that the company is eying on getting high level security authorization to work for more sensitive projects of the defense agencies.

While talking about the DoD certification, in her press release statement, the Vice President of AWS worldwide public sector, Teresa Carlson said,“After receiving an overwhelming response from defense agencies interested in leveraging our FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO), we’re very excited to further extend our services to the government community by meeting the additional requirements of the DoD. Today, more than 600 government agencies use AWS services, and we look forward to continuing to demonstrate the security and reliability of the AWS Cloud so that an even broader set of DoD customers can use our services to reduce costs and innovate for their missions.”

It was also informed in the official statement that, the company has achieved the general security standard certification under FedRAMP in May 2013. This certification is based on the standardized approach to authorization, security assessment and monitoring of cloud products.

Teresa Carlson further elaborated about FedRAMP authorization that, we have a big number of commercial customers that demand for the FedRAMP packages to make their services more reliable and secure. Another statement by Teresa regarding FedRAMP says, “The commercial customers insist on FedRAMP, because they don’t want to do experiments, but they want to rely on something that is already working well”.

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