Amazon Starts Streaming Games, Mobile Apps as Cloud Computing Based Services

Amazon Starts Streaming Games, Mobile Apps as Cloud Computing Based Services

Amazon Starts Streaming Games, Mobile Apps as Cloud Computing Based Services

Amazon cloud computing service portfolio expands with the start of mobile Apps and streaming games services from the AWS clouds.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – Amazon Web Services AWS has always been the leader in starting off the most promising and highly featured cloud computing based services for many past years. It maintained its lead by announcing highly featured and professional grade gaming and mobile Apps services based on their cloud computing infrastructure. Although, this kind of service is already being offered in the marketplace by other players – but, AWS has enriched these cloud based services with more features, development platforms, cloud based documentation, and support for OSX operating system.

This announcement was made through a blog post by the Amazon cloud evangelist Mr. Jeff Barr. It was further written in this official blog that Amazon is allowing the most robust and vast cloud computing based infrastructure to the developers to use for streaming the games and applications, and render the graphics to make the devices run more efficiently from the cloud resources.

The starting of this service was hinted long ago – about 4 months – by the company in a conference; now, the retailers cloud division has announced this service officially. This service is being dubbed as AppStream.

While talking about the features and capabilities of this cloud computing based service, the company informed that this service eliminates the maintenance of storage infrastructure, and a large fleet of VMs, as it is required in other same kind of services offered by Google, Rackspace and Microsoft et Cetra. The documents for AppStreams have also been uploaded for instant help, and an SDK software-development kit for OSX has also been integrated to make it more exciting and experience for the customers.

While talking about the code running on desktops and the mobile devices, Jeff Barr wrote, “The client code calls AppStream to obtain an Entitlement URL through an Entitlement Service (we supply a sample that you can use as-is, customize, or use as the basis for your own implementation). The client opens the Entitlement URL to initiate the streaming of video and audio content for playback. The client is also responsible for routing keyboard, mouse, and other device events to the application for processing.”
Amazon is also very famous for price cuts to make the rates market competitive, which is also a good feature to start with this service.

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