IBM Starts Hiring over 3000 employees in Multiple BUs to Position in Cloud Computing Business

IBM Plans to Slash Jobs in Hardwares and Create in Cloud Computing Divisions

IBM Starts Hiring over 3000 employees in Multiple BUs to Position in Cloud Computing Business

A huge number of positions are available in different business units BUs at IBM to help its new move to position as the lead runner in cloud computing and cognitive computing.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – The last week, IBM announced the layoff of a huge number of employees across the globe. And now, the Big Blue has posted a huge number of jobs on its recruiting portal. The number of jobs available in different business units, including cloud computing and cognitive computing is as much as 3000. As many as over 2000 jobs are available in the USA market and the remaining jobs are available in different countries. This announcement will prove to be a good sign for both the local authorities and young professionals in the USA market.

IBM is going through an aggressive transformation in terms of its business, future targets and vision of the technology business. For the sake of its business transformation, the company has already completed many big moves in recent months, which clearly indicate the aggressiveness of the company management towards cloud computing and cognitive computing business. Among such big moves, the selling of IBM server business to Lenovo, acquisition of cloud computing application development firm SoftLayer, and starting Watson cognitive computing project as a cloud computing service are a few to name. A huge investment of over $1 billion in cloud computing and data centers, as much as $1.2 billion for Watson cognitive and cloud computing project, and recent plans of employee layoff are the most notable steps that are being intensively noticed by the industry.

According to the computer giant company, it will follow the vision document that was announced as “The Roadmap 2015” to deliver as much as $20 per share to its investors. This commitment was made in the roadmap 2015. To achieve those targets, the CEO of the company has invested hugely in cloud computing and other services that have been the flagship products of the company, for example, Watson Cognitive Computing project, which is being offered as a cloud service to the customers.

In an earlier statement of the company’s spokesperson said, “IBM is positioning itself to lead in areas such as cloud, analytics and cognitive computing and investing in these priority areas. This also creates new job opportunities at IBM. At any given time, IBM has more than 3,000 job openings in these and other growth areas in the U.S.”

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