Huawei Technologies Envisions OpenStack Cloud Computing Deployment in Telecom Networks

Huawei Technologies Envisions OpenStack Cloud Computing Deployment in Telecom Networks

Huawei Technologies Envisions OpenStack Cloud Computing Deployment in Telecom Networks

Telecom equipment giant Huawei Technologies plans to focus on cloud computing technologies into telecom networks to improve the efficiency and minimize the total cost of ownership TCO.

“Just like IP technologies did before, cloud computing is changing the landscape of telecom. We can see that the future network infrastructure will be data center-centric, software defined, virtualized, open cloud-based and ICT-converged. Cloud OS will play a key role in this network transformation. Huawei FusionSphere enables an open, high-performance and low- latency ICT infrastructure with the partnership of the whole industry, being the first choice of NFV and cloud data center, ” says the chief executive officer of the Chinese giant telecom vendor, Mr. Xu Zhijun in the Mobile World Congress 2014. He further announced that Huawei is taking serious measures to transform the telecom networks into high efficiency cloud networks through network function virtualization NFV.

The CEO of the company further elaborated that cloud computing based platform of Huawei “FusionSphere” would open up new dimensions for the open source cloud computing services in the domain of telecom sector across the globe. It would change the landscape of the telecom industry, and would improve the efficiency of telecom networks with the help of cloud computing technologies.

He further added that, Huawei is aggressively pursuing to contribute to the OpenStack community to improve open source cloud computing code to bring the most efficient bottom lines to telecom providers with the help of open source cloud computing technologies.

It was further informed that – in this direction – Huawei and Telefonica has already signed MoU on enhancing Network Functions Virtualization NFV, UNICA infrastructure architecture, and software defined networking SDN. This project will initially help Telefonica to transform its telecom networks into shared resource networks with the help of Huawei cloud technologies based on open source platform.

While talking about the business partnership with the telecom and ICT community, Mr. Xu Zhinjun said that Huawei will establish diverse partnerships with its existing and prospective clients across the world to help them benefit from this promising and visionary project of the company. It will also be helpful for normal end users to get telecom services at reduced rates.

According to the company vision, this move will improve the efficiency, total cost of ownership TCO, and customer satisfaction of telecom sector by sharing their network resources with the help of improved open source cloud technologies in the telecom sector.

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