Stanford Students Develop Cloud Computing Cost Reduction Software Tool

Stanford engineers have created a software tool that can triple the efficiency of computer server clusters.

Stanford engineers have created a software tool that can triple the efficiency of computer server clusters.

Quasar is an intelligent software tool that reduces the operational and capital cost of cloud computing infrastructure of data centers.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the Stanford University this weekend through its official news web portal that a high value software for cloud computing service provider has been tested with more than 70 results, which will enable the cloud computing infrastructure providers and data center operators to reduce their cost drastically.

The name of this software tool is given as “Quasar” and it will be presented to the industries for questioning and assessing the implementation of the software on March 1, 2014 in Salt Lake City, CA. This project was created after being inspired by the Netflix intelligent algorithm that recommends the customers to watch movies based on their choice and many other factors.

The project is completed by two students – Christos Kozyrakis and Christina Delimitrou. Christos is an associate professor, electrical engineering and computer science, while Christina is a doctoral student at the Stanford University.

It was further elaborated in the official statement of the University that this project works on the principle of performance based allocation of resources rather than reservation based allocation of resources as it is done in the existing technologies. This will reduce the cost of operation and capital cost for purchasing the larger capacity of server form in the data centers.

“We want to switch from a reservation-based cluster management to a performance-based allocation of data center resources – Under this approach the cluster manager would have to make sure there was enough server capacity in the data center to meet all these requirements” says Christos Kzyrakis, while talking about this new software tool.

While presenting the comparative analysis, it was further said in the statement that there are many kinds of applications that run on the servers, such as – multimedia, data mining, CRM and many others. These applications need different server capacities – similarly, developers run different cluster management tools and applications, which are also different in their requirements. At present, these requirements are reserved on the servers and then presented, but, this reservation reduces the efficiency of your cloud computing infrastructure; but, Quasar would help intelligently in allocating the resources based on the performance requirement of those applications – thus, the performance will increase substantially.

Many experts in the industry are anticipating that this new software tool would be very useful for cloud computing infrastructure provider companies to increase their profit margins.

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