Cloudyn to Focus on Multiple Cloud Computing Service Providers to Expand Its Footprints

Cloudyn to Focus on Multiple Cloud Computing Service Providers to Expand Its Footprints

Cloudyn to Focus on Multiple Cloud Computing Service Providers to Expand Its Footprints

The new move of Cloudyn company to go beyond AWS and Google clouds will help customers assess, deploy and migrate their cloud computing based workload within multiple cloud service providers.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – Cloudyn, the provider of software tool to calculate the cost and efficiency of cloud computing service offered by AWS and Google is now looking for broader presence and business portfolio in the domain of cloud computing business. It was announced by the company through an official statement this week.

Cloudyn is providing different options to compare, and optimize the cost incurred due to the cloud computing services offered by major cloud based service providers – AWS and Google. Earlier, the company provided support for AWS services – but later on – it started support for Google computing services. Now, the company is eyeing on a broad range of cloud based services offered by numerous cloud service providers both in the public and private domain of cloud computing services.

The statement further elaborated that the major services of the company that can help you get the value from are cost controller, cloud comparison, asset controller, alerts and optimizers. The customers would be able to migrate from one cloud service to another one on the basis of the cost and efficiency optimization tool of the company.

After successful experience and expertise of AWS clouds, the company is offering full-fledged services for Google clouds too, and producing successful results. It will include more cloud portfolios and service providers in the domain of its operations support.

The statement further says, “As cloud computing has become a given, enterprises are paying more attention to things like cost, performance and availability. Coupled with growing cloud options, inquiring minds — from devops to finance — want to know where they will get the most cloud bang for their buck.”

Meanwhile, the official statement further explained the value that a customer gets from these state of the art services offered by the company that, company’s offering of multi-cloud tool can help you in calculating cloud computing services’ usage cost and assessing the feasibility for service migration. Along with this, it can help you improve your cloud deployment and operational efficiency due to its newly introduced features and capabilities. These features also help you smoothly transport your workload to the most suitable cloud based service provider from the existing costly services.

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