Vexxhost and Cloud66 Announce Partnership

Vexxhost and Cloud66 Announce Partnership

Vexxhost and Cloud66 Announce Partnership

Vexxhost, Inc., a Canadian cloud-computing provider, has announced its strategic partnership with platform-as-a-service provider Cloud66. The partnership between the two companies offers clients a seamless integration between the two services, which allows for a much faster and simpler way to use their servers.

This partnership was part of Vexxhost’s mission in providing high quality service that is simple and quick to use. This allows clients to focus on building their websites or apps without having to deal with the hassle of spending hours configuring servers.

“We are very excited to be about this partnership,” says Mohammed Naser, CEO at VEXXHOST. “We have been working closely with Cloud66 to provide the best value for potential customers requiring Ruby hosting.”

The integration of both companies’ services allows clients to deploy their Ruby applications easily and automatically from Cloud66’s website straight to Vexxhost’s cloud computing platform. The deployment does not require the hassle of any complicated architecture. As soon as the client fills out an API credential form and provide where the Ruby application is stored, Cloud66’s platform automatically detects the application’s environment, evaluates the requirements and proceeds to spinning up instances on Vexxhost’s cloud compute service under the client’s account. This will automatically take care of the creation and configuration of backend servers, firewalls, load balancers and database servers.

To celebrate this partnership, Vexxhost is currently offering a $10 credit. This free hosting credit will be given to all Cloud66 clients who will be linking their account to Vexxhost and will allow clients to try the cloud computing provider’s services before committing.

About Vexxhost, Inc.:

Vexxhost was founded in 2006 to provide online hosting services and it has grown to be one of the large technology leaders in the hosting industry, offering the latest cloud based services to thousands of customers from over 150 different countries.

About Cloud66:

Cloud66 is a platform-as-a-service provider that offers provisioning and management for web and mobile applications. The service provided builds, configures and manages servers.

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