IBM to Convert Its Software Portfolio into Cloud Computing Services

SoftLayer Inc is the biggest stack of IBM

SoftLayer Inc is the biggest stack of IBM

SoftLayer, Inc is the biggest stack of IBM to shift its software application portfolios into cloud computing based services in near future.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – It was announced by the Big Blue this weekend that a wide range of its software portfolio is going to be shifted in the cloud to make then full-fledged cloud computing based services. This announcement came – as anticipated earlier by the industry experts – after huge investment from the IBM into the cloud computing business recently.

It was further informed that the company is aggressively working on moving multiple applications and software portfolio into SoftLayer Inc cloud computing based grids to make available to the customers as full solutions through the SoftLayer clouds, where these services would be available to be accessed under the umbrella of common open architecture.

In the official statement, it was further elaborated that the Big Blue will start a big cloud computing based marketplace, which will host more than 2000 different kinds of applications and other portfolios of IBM. This marketplace will offer a wide range of services and through APIs and other interfaces for different range of customers. This platform will allow the customers to search and implement their IBM applications of their choice. A substantial number of IBM partners’ software products will also be available in the marketplace that work in conjunction with the IBM main portfolio services. Some of such services of IBM are already in operation and can be accessed through SoftLayer clouds.

“We’re going to bring a lot of IBM middleware over into a cloud environment, so it will be consumable worldwide very soon,” said the CEO of SoftLayer Inc, Mr. Lance Crosby in his statement. He further added that “the migration will be very fast and will be completed in very short span of time.”

The first its kind project called BlueMix is going to be launched on Monday, Feb 24, 2014 at an annual conference in Las Vegas. This service will use all 40 data centers of IBM located across the globe to provide the efficient and high performance services.

It was further explained in the statement that the company will use open source Cloud Foundry framework for its cloud services. The company also plans to offer a developer environment that will use open-source GIT Repository. It will also have web IDE, Visual Studio and Eclipse plug-ins.

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