Google and VMware Join Hands to Offer Cloud Computing Based Desktop and Windows Application

Google and VMware Join Hands to Offer Cloud Desktop

Google and VMware Join Hands to Offer Cloud Desktop

Desktop as a Service DaaS is one of the major focus for VMware, while the ‘Chromebook’ is a futuristic project of Google – VMware cloud computing services on chromebooks will make a winning combination.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – The cloud computing industry has seen many mergers, acquisitions and partnerships in recent months and quarters. The teaming up of different large and small companies is happening very fast due to increasing competition in the domain of the cloud computing marketplace.

On Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014, it was announced by two giants in information technology – Google Corporation and VMware – that they are going to launch a partnership for cloud based desktop and windows application services running on Google’s Chromebook. This announcement came at VMware’s Partner Exchange confab in San Francisco, California.

The announcement was made public by Sanjay Poonen, the General Manager End user Products at VMware and Caesar Sengupta, VP of product management for Google’s Chrome OS. They termed this partnership a win-win deal in the domain of cloud computing business due to the fact that Google wanted to have latest cloud computing platforms to run the latest cloud applications such as desktop as a service through its latest chromebook laptops – on the other hand, VMware needed to have a good cloud infrastructure to run its DaaS service, which has been recently been included in the product portfolio after acquisition of Desktone last year.

While elaborating about the operation of the services, it was further said, “The service is available now to VMware Horizon View 5.3 or Chromebook users as an on-premise product but it will also be delivered as “a fully managed, subscription Desktop as a Service (DaaS)” by VMware and its vCloud Service Provider partners.” In his statement, Sanjay Poonen said, “The service is available now through select VMware service provider partners like Navisite and Softbank; it will be offered via VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Services in the first or second quarter of this year;  and, importantly, it will also run on Google’s own cloud at some point.”

The analysts in the industry assume that this partnership was inevitable for both giants due to the fact that AWS has already launched its cloud computing based desktop service a few months back. It will not augur well for both giants to loose their grounds against their common business enemy (AWS) – therefore, they should take this as a winning combination.

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