Flexiant and Arrow ECS Join Hands to Offer Fastest Access to Cloud Computing Service Marketplace

Flexiant and Arrow ECS Join Hands to Offer Fastest Access to Cloud Computing Service Marketplace

Flexiant and Arrow ECS Join Hands to Offer Fastest Access to Cloud Computing Service Marketplace

Famous cloud orchestration software provider Flexiant and the supply channel partner Arrow ECS are going to offer the fastest launching of cloud computing services for cloud service providers.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – It is a good news for those providers of the cloud computing services that plan to launch their services within the matter of days; their wishes can easily be fulfilled by the new services portfolio of Flexiant cloud orchestrator and Arrow ECS. It was announced on Feb 3, 2014 through a press release statement by the company that Flexiant and Arrow have successfully tested and verified an ambitious cloud computing based service portfolio that will enable the cloud computing providers to launch their services within the a time span of a few days.

The Flexiant is globally well known cloud orchestration software provider that has joined hands with the global hardware supply channel provider to offer the fastest delivery of complete solution of software and hardware to any service cloud service provider within a short period of a few days.

It is further elaborated in the official statement that this combined service would prove to be a trend setting in the industry by the virtue of its high performance, low software entry cost, and the flexibility.

“To develop this offering, Arrow was instrumental in enabling Flexiant software to be installed, tested and verified at the IBM Innovation Centre in the UK. The technical teams were astounded at the speed with which we installed the software, in a matter of hours. Having verified our technologies, we can continue to offer service providers hardware choice as they seek to generate more revenue and accelerate growth, compete more effectively by developing unique, differentiated services and lead the market through innovation” said the CEO of Flexiant Mr. George Knox in his statement. He further added, “The solution offers service providers the hardware and software to rapidly install, deploy and launch cloud services at scale and in days. Using this complete solution, customers will not only get to market quickly, but also have the technology necessary to resell services via new channels.”

According to the analysts in the domain of cloud services, this offering of two large software and hardware providers would open up a new dimension of speedy solutions in this fast growing IT industry.

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