Microsoft Plans to Cut Azure Cloud Storage Cost to Match AWS Cloud Services

Microsoft Plans to Cut Azure Cloud Storage Cost to Match AWS Cloud Services

Microsoft Plans to Cut Azure Cloud Storage Cost to Match AWS Cloud Services

Microsoft is anticipating a reasonable undercut of AWS services in different territories by lowering the cost of its Azure cloud storage services. The users can benefit from the healthy competition in the domain of cloud services.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – A substantial reduction in the prices of Azure cloud storage services is being implemented by Microsoft Corporation in the wake of making its cloud computing services more affordable and competitive against the cloud services giant AWS. This was announced by the software giant on Jan 28, 2014.

This announcement came after the announcement of AWS to reduce the prices of its public cloud services earlier a few days before. This cost reduction in the domain of cloud storage and other cloud computing services indicates a clear rivalry of these two giants to capture as much customer base as possible, in this domain of business.

In the company statement, it was further explained that the price reduction will be implemented from March 13, 2014 and it will be implemented across the board globally. “This reduction in cost will result Azure cloud services, such as – Block Blob Storage, Page Blobs, and Disk Blobs Storage – available at lower than AWS services in certain regions and countries” quoted in the statement.

Amazon is the leading provider of cloud storage services for many years and it keeps its services and prices competitive on a regular basis – on the other hand, Microsoft has officially launched its cloud storage services (IaaS) on Azure just a few months back in 2013. But, the software giant claims that its services are more reliable, robust, secure and featured as compared to that of AWS – and, it strongly tempts the business users to its public cloud services for better bottom lines.

While writing in his blog post, the General Manager Business Strategy at Microsoft Windows Azure, Steven Martin said, “Customers can get durable volumes attached to virtual machine instances for no additional charge. Amazon, on the other hand, requires customers to pay for both a standard volume and a snapshot stored on its Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to get the same capability.”

Many experts in the domain of cloud computing industry are observing that the transparency in services and cost of cloud based services is increasingly being projected by different cloud computing service providers, which is a good sign for the future of the industry.

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