Cloud Computing Provider ‘NewCloud’ Plans to Establish Multiple Datacenters Across the USA

Cloud Computing Provider ‘NewCloud’ Plans to Establish Multiple Datacenters Across the USA

Cloud Computing Provider ‘NewCloud’ Plans to Establish Multiple Datacenters Across the USA

The data-center expansion project of cloud computing and telecom provider ‘NewCloud’ includes data centers at Phoenix, Dallas, New York/New Jersey, Las Vegas and Chicago – the Phoenix Cloud Pod will be put into service in Feb, 2014.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – Cloud computing and telecom service provider company “NewCloud” has announced an ambitious expansion project of data centers at multiple locations across the USA. This announcement was made by the company through a press release statement on Tuesday, January 28, 2014.

According to the press release statement of Denver based cloud computing service Provider Company, it is recording a healthy business growth during last consecutive four years, which is very encouraging for the company to expand its cloud computing infrastructure across the country. In this project, the first data center will be operational in coming February, 2014 in Phoenix, AZ – and remaining data centers will be put into operation very soon in different phases.

These new cloud pods will be used for both the provisioning of the cloud services and for the backup and disaster recovery purposes. It was further elaborated about the Phoenix cloud pod in the press release that the data center has been established using Cisco System’s “Flex Pod Infrastructure Solution” that includes – Cisco UCS servers, Nexus Networking Fabric, ASA router (Cisco) and NetApp Storage.

The president of the NewCloud Company, Mr. Sam V. Kumar said in his statement, “This is a high quality architecture that provides robust infrastructure for Could Computing, We are standardizing on this design for all of our future cloud Pod locations across the country.” In addition to Phoenix, NewCloud has plans to deploy Cloud pods in Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas and New York/New Jersey. All of these Cloud pods will be tied together with a redundant private MPLS back bone with 10 Gig bandwidth. Kumar says this will give NewCloud “seamless nationwide coverage not only for back up and disaster recovery, but also for virtual servers and desktop-as-a-service deployments.”

He further said, “We have been playing the Cloud game for 8 years now and know what it takes to be successful in this business. With our expanding data center resources, experienced engineering teams who create custom designs, and exceptional customer service, we are looking forward to continued success for ourselves, our partners and our customers in 2014 and beyond.”

The company is anticipating a huge growth in the cloud computing service business in the coming years.

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