Red Hat Releases Upgrade Versions of Multiple Cloud Computing Platforms

Red Hat Releases Upgrade Versions of Multiple Cloud Computing Platforms

Red Hat Releases Upgrade Versions of Multiple Cloud Computing Platforms

The upgraded version of Red Hat cloud computing platforms – Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure 4.0, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.3 – have been released for efficient private cloud services.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by Red Hat on Wednesday, Jan 22, 2014 that it has released its multiple cloud computing platforms to provide the efficient, effective and easy management of private cloud services, for its enterprise customers. These releases are big steps of Red Hat Company towards open source enterprise private cloud services. With the help of these upgrades the platforms running the private cloud services for enterprise customers, the service management of private cloud would be more efficient and feature rich to handle the complex processes of enterprise customers.

In his statement, Radesh Balakrishnan, the GM of Virtualization business at Red Hat, said, “There are multiple stages in the journey to the open private cloud – We are in aggressively in the line to help you at every single stage on the way to open private cloud. Our upgraded cloud computing platform releases would help you to integrate many capabilities of our products into your cloud environment to realize the open private cloud sooner rather than later”. He further added that a huge work has been done in these releases to administrators and service providers for better management and provisioning of the workloads that run on the OpenStack cloud computing platforms.

While talking about the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform, which is an OpenStack cloud hosting software supported by the Red Hat, Radesh said, “This new version is based on the OpenStack Havana version released last year – and, it is built on RHEL version 6.5 of Red Hat Linux distribution”, he further added that this version also incorporates the RHEV to manage the VM running on KVM hypervisor.”

The latest versions of Red Hat platforms support many new features and capabilities, which will prove to be very useful for the providers to manage their services more effectively and efficiently. These capabilities include support for OpenStack Network Management component, Ceilometer and telemetry components – these components would be very effective for measuring the utilization of different cloud resources and subsequently would prove very helpful for billing purposes.

Red Hat also upgraded its package for IaaS to manage the both the traditional data center virtualization and elastic cloud. The new API features have been incorporated in RHEV 3.3 to allow backing up and restoration of VMs.

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