Google Includes More Collaborative Features in Google Drive Cloud Storage Service

Google Includes More Collaborative Features in Google Drive Cloud Storage Service

Google Includes More Collaborative Features in Google Drive Cloud Storage Service

The cloud storage services are becoming more and more featured rich in terms of collaboration of the documents or data files. The Google adds more features to make its cloud storage service more collaboration friendly.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the search engine giant last week that it has added more features associated with the collaboration of data files in its cloud computing based cloud storage service called ‘Google Drive’. One of these new features is the activity stream, which is more focused on tracking the modifications of the data files stored on the Google Drive cloud storage. This feature enables the customers in a group to track the changes made to the files stored in the Google Drive.

In a blog post, Mr. Ian Gunn, the Google Drive Interaction Designer, wrote, “This feature generates alerts to the users of the file, which has been modified since it was accessed last time on the Google Drive,” “this will keep all the users in a collaborative group aware of the changes through this activity stream” he added.

While explaining the procedure to use this feature, he wrote that an alert button with “i” mark is located at the right corner of the Google Drive interface – the customer need to click it to show the activity stream which provides the entire stream of the activities of the people working in a group to collaborate the work among them.

There are many other features that have been introduced recently in Google’s cloud storage service; they include – easy way of renaming, organizing and sharing of the folders and file and the addition of drop-down menu against each folder to carry out different activities in a single menu. The profile pictures depicted on the folders when you click it, shows that who has access to this folder.

Ian Gunn further wrote while talking about the value that customers get out of this service, “Drive makes group projects easier because everyone can share files and work together – But in today’s busy world, it’s tough to track the changes to all your shared to-do lists, budgets and presentations, especially when content changes so often. So starting today, you’ll notice a new activity stream in Drive—a single, easy-to-view place to review every action taken on your files and folders.”

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