Google to Plan a Tiered Partner Program to Strengthen Its Cloud Computing Services

Google to Plan a Tiered Partner Program to Strengthen Its Cloud Computing Services

Google to Plan a Tiered Partner Program to Strengthen Its Cloud Computing Services

Google is getting appreciable response for its cloud computing based services – to strengthen its cloud platform, it is eying at the start of a tiered partner program to consolidate its cloud based offerings.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – During his speech at Red Hat Conference on Monday, Jan 13, 2014, the head of the Google Cloud Partners Mr. Chris Rimer hinted out on the plans of Google Corporation to launch a tiered partner program to strengthen its cloud computing based offering to its clients. This move is being seen in the perspective of the success of Amazon Web Services partner program started back in 2012. The cloud computing services are becoming more and more prevailing in every domain, especially in the enterprise realm, where AWS has already got tremendous market grounds. The Microsoft is also benefiting from its tier partnership programs. There was no further official detail or clarification regarding the Rimer’s statement from Google media center.

It seems that Google may look channel program like the DropBox and AWS have. This kind of program will recruit the sellers, system integrators, and consultants that integrate the services or applications based on cloud computing technologies, which the customers use or can use in future. These kinds of professionals will also be rewarded for their efforts to bring in the enterprise business to the Google Cloud Computing Platform.

The main target of the Google through this program may be to bring the developers and other professional to its cloud platform to integrate different services and application that would draw the attention of the customers especially SMB and professionals.

It is very important to note that Google Corporation has already opted for such types of channel programs sometimes back – Nascent Partner Effort for Cloud about two years back and another channel program for Google Enterprise Appliances. He tipped in his speech that “I want business customers” “and want to make cloud based offerings more effective and attractive in an enterprise environment” he added.

The technology market analysts anticipate that this move of the Google Corporation to build a tiered partner program shows the commitment of the company toward cloud technologies and its focus to pursue aggressively in this domain of business where AWS has already captured the larger pitch of the business realm. This will augur well for the competitive business environment.

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