Taylor Rhodes Named as President of Cloud Hosting Provider Rackspace

Taylor Rhodes Named as President of Cloud Hosting Provider Rackspace

Taylor Rhodes Named as President of Cloud Hosting Provider Rackspace

For many months, the cloud hosting, Rackspace has been running short of a president after the stepping down of former president in July 2013. The Open stack cloud platform purveyor finally nominated the company veteran Taylor Rhodes for the top slot.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – It has been many months since the position of the president of cloud hosting and the OpenStack purveyor Rackspace is lying vacant. It was vacated by the former president of the company Mr. Lew Moorman, who stepped down back in the month of July 2013. The company has been operating its business without any person in the top slot.

The OpenStack cloud computing platform pioneer has chosen for the top slot from within the company veterans – Taylor Rhodes, who has been associated with the cloud hosting company since 2007, nominated for the top slot of the company management.

Mr. Rhodes has been working with the company for many years on many different projects and in many different capacities. He has also served as the managing director and the senior vice president of Rackspace International. The most recently Mr. Rhodes has held the position of chief customer officer (CCO).

In an official statement of the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Rackspace cloud hosting Mr. Lanham Napier said that, “Taylor is a proven operational veteran with outstanding strategic and leadership skills.” He further added that his credential are amazingly commendable and he has proven himself on every task of the company”. He has been instrumental in the local and international strategic development of the Rackspace cloud computing operations, he added.

The Rackspace cloud hosting company is headquartered in San Antonio in Texas State of the USA. The company provides the managed cloud based services, especially public and private cloud services running on open source OpenStack cloud computing platform. The company is a key player in the transition of the cloud computing from vendor locked to open source with the help of the OpenStack cloud computing platform. The company is passing through very challenging transition owning to fierce competition in the cloud hosting market – especially the Amazon web services are growing very rapidly like the gangbusters.

The appointment of Taylor Rhodes would be helpful for the Rackspace to strengthen the business strategies of the company in this challenging environment.

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