Verizon Cloud Computing Services to Offer Oracle DB License on Its Cloud Infrastructure

Verizon Cloud Computing Services to Offer Oracle DB License on Its Cloud Infrastructure

Verizon Cloud Computing Services to Offer Oracle DB License on Its Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle and Verizon joined hands together to enable the deployment of Oracle database and middleware on the Verizon cloud computing infrastructure. Customers can now both bring their oracle license or can purchase Verizon cloud services with Oracle license.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced on January 10, 2014 by the Verizon Company that its customers can now use Oracle Fusion middleware and Oracle DB on their cloud computing infrastructure. The customers have double options to use Oracle platforms; they can bring their own Oracle license to use Oracle DB and middleware on Verizon infrastructure or they can also get the Oracle DB and middleware services that are already available with licenses on Verizon cloud services.

In the statement of the company, the commitment of the company to provide the consolidated ecosystem of enterprise level information technology services on the cloud computing based infrastructure of Verizon Company. Verizon has started its cloud based enterprise IT service in the month of October 2013 in beta version. These cloud computing services of the Verizon company are being offered under the auspices of the Enterprise Solution Group of Verizon.

It was further explained about all cloud services offered by Verizon such as – the managed services and the eCloud services, are also capable to support the Oracle software programs. Verizon also offers Oracle DB and middleware license on the basis of hourly cost in which, customers will be charged for what they have used.

The president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Mr. John Stratton said in his statement, “Few companies begin with a complete cloud environment, and the benefits of migrating to the cloud have at times been outweighed by the challenges and costs associated with making a change – Oracle and Verizon have now removed those obstacles.”

This combination of Verizon Enterprise Solution Group and Oracle is a good news for those companies who want to use Oracle assets on the large network of Verizon, where they can not only get the cloud based infrastructure but also strong backhaul network and enterprise level managed services.

Another important thing about Verizon Cloud Services is that the customer is free to use its existing Oracle license, purchase a new one on per hour basis, or purchase on a perpetual basis. This will give freedom to the customers.

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